Oroville Dam Tour

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Oroville Dam Tour
May 15, 2014
Hosted by Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle
Photo by John Reese

This was a joint club run with River City Corvettes

Target parking lot, meeting up - Mueller's ZO6

Nice red C7

Black GS

Glenn & Mary Lou's '10

Unknown C6 coupe

Dennis's  CE

Black ZO6 with chrome wheels

John & Kathy's GS?

C4 wasn't fast enough...

until he put this on it

Rick & Karen's at the lunch stop

John's again

River City couple

Bill in his ZO6

There's Kathy

Visitor's area at the dam

Parking at the dam site

Where is the water?

Dennis scoping it out

How it should look with a full reservoir

Rick and Bill in the visitor center

Some River City folks

Marty and Kathy

Artist's conception of how dam would look

Diorama in the visitor center

Our crew checking out the scenery

There is Karen, Rick, Glenn

Nice looking raptor

Puma, now protected, but not in the dam building days

Native American woman depicted in diorama - not sure about the chin decoration

Tour guide with Eileen & Richard

Glenn & Mary enjoying lunch with River City folks

Dennis getting lunch out of the bag

Bob and his lunch

Dennis in the foreground

Richard & Eileen

Dam overlook parking

CB radio is still alive

There's always one in every crowd

Panoramic view of lineup of Corvettes

The whole dam gang!

Dam dry

There is still some water

It looks refreshing

Long way down the ramp to launch