November Birthdays Party

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November Birthdays Celebration Dinner
Cattlemens Restaurant Rancho Cordova
November 12, 2014

Hosted by Patty McCoy
Photo by Patty McCoy and John Reese

Gathering at the Round Table

Dori, Lorna, Mary Lou enjoying the cocktail hour

Patty was stalking guests with her iPad, taking pictures

The birthday kids

Salad is being served

Checking the smart phones

Patty and Pete having a good time

Lane & Sharon

Dori & Dennis

Daryl & Lorna

Susan & Marty

Ken & Sandra

Jim & Dee

Darrell & LaRee

Glenn & Mary Lou

Barb & Dick

The Christmas party planners and pals, Vicki and Barb

Dennis & "Marty"


Marilyn & Dave

Rick & Karen

Susan & Jon

Tom & Kathy

Glenn, Tom, Susan, Ken, LaRee, Marilyn - the Birthday Kids!

Happy Birthday

No dinner yet

There was lots of talk and laughter until dinner arrived

Big smiles

More smiles

Hi Kathy!

From the other end of the table

Patiently waiting for dinner to be served

Tom & Kathy