Tuesday, November 11, 2014 – Minutes


1.    CALL TO ORDER:    President – Daryl Partlow – asked for a few moments of silence for Mike Cobel


 2.   INTRODUCTION:     No guests


3.   MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Richard & Eileen Baughn, Vicki Braithwaite, Darrell & LaRee Brunelli, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Dan & Helena Christopherson, Ken Cleek, Dick & Barbara Collier, John & Sue Cook, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, Phil & Cathleen Fischbach, George Goolsby, Bob Graham, Lavonne Hibbert,  Kim Holm, Dennis & Dori Honig, Dennis Humphrey, Jan Janca, Marty & Susan Keylon,  Tom Leonard, Patty McCoy, Daryl & Lorna Partlow, John & Kathy Reese, Pete Ruff, Rick & Karen Samoian, Lane & Sharon Siebenthal, Jack Stanley, Jon & Susan Svilich, Tom Ward               


     4.  October 14, 2014 MINUTES:

          Approved:  Jon Svilich; second Barbara Collier




                 a.  Treasurer –Glenn Carlisle

                             Checking balance as of 11/11/2014         $    5,125.95

                             Income:                                                 $    1,541.16                 

                             Expense:                                              $    1,247.34 


  b.   Secretary –Lorna Partlow – No official report  - thanked George for filing in  

  c.  Web Master – Pete Ruff – Everything up to date; added “Remembrance” to website

d.  Raffle Organizers – Patty McCoy &  Bob Graham                   

$172.00  ($82.00 to Darry for Christmas tip; $90.00 to member)




October 15 – 17th –Mammoth/Death Valley Run – Hosts:  John & Cathy Reese –

                                      3 cars did 3 day 900 mile road trip to Bishop, Scotty’s Castle and Mammoth – experienced some great “Corvette” roads and ended with great lunch at Sorenson’s in Markleeville      


October 19th – Corvettes for Vets, Red Hawk – Host:  Dennis Humphrey – 15 cars – club lost by one car to get best club participation.  Jon Cooke won for best C2; Jan Janka won People’s Choice; Miguel won “best engine compartment”


October 20 – Ladies Luncheon – Olive Garden – Folsom – Hostess:  Pat Oesterreich – 15 ladies attended Pat’s last official hostess luncheon  – Kathy Reese will cover for a few months – as always the ladies had a great time



October 22-23rd  – Hooked on Corvettes, Maxwell – Host:  Glenn Carlisle – 3 cars attended a great run – ’78 corvettes in attendance – escorted by CHP to Museum and onto Thunder Hill where they participated in 4 parade laps – Glenn really encouraged better attendance for next year as it was really a fun run


October 25th – Wine Tasting Party – Oesterreich Residence, Rescue – Hosts:  Les & Pat – another fantastic time hosted by our “snow birds” – everyone enjoyed lots of great wine, appetizers and watching the Giants win!!!


October 25th – Chrome Bumper Corvette Coral – Citrus Heights – cancelled due to rain





                 WSCC and membership dues are due by December 31st.  If not paid at meeting you need to mail check and WSCC form to Glenn – will need copy of car insurance and driver’s license along with application and check – will shred personal information


                 Nominations for officers – current board nominated and voting was unanimously approved


                             - Upcoming Events           Events Coordinator, Vickie Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.        

Events in the next 3 months:


November 12th – Birthday Dinner – Cattlemen’s – Hostess:  Patty McCoy – reservations for 36 people


November 20th – Ladies Luncheon – Zac Jack’s – Cameron Park – Hostess:  Cathy Reese

                                      Be sure to bring address for charity of choice; no December luncheon


December 13th – Toy Run – Orangeville Community Center at noon – Host:  Ken Cleek – raised $20,000 last year – contributions go to different local organizations (Hospice, Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home, WEAVE) – food, DJ, raffle prizes – always a worthwhile event


December 13th – Annual Christmas Party – Holiday Inn Express, El Dorado Hills – Hostesses:  Vicki Braithwiate  Barbara Collier – Need reservations for party asap.  Deadline to reserve room is December 1st.  – Flyers distributed and more information on website



Remember to check website for details for all runs – Pete does an outstanding job keeping everything current.



            8.  FLOOR OPEN TO MEMBERS


                        Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs:


Little River is already booked for next year – September 27 and 28 – reservations being made - $179 per night (before tax).


Vicki will be having an “event planning” meeting at her home on January 24th – bring ideas for runs and events.  Barbara suggested club to pick up tab for food.  Further details to be posted on website.   


Sue Cook passed out flyers regarding the Holiday Boutique at the air park for the next two weeks – proceeds benefit school scholarships.  Have some really great gifts


The Board approved $80.00 for flowers for Mike Cobel’s memorial on November 8th.


Pete suggested that rather than spending money on flowers that a donation to the member’s charity of choice be made; Phil made motion to approve $100.00 donation to card carrying member’s choice of charity; Glenn seconded motion – motion voted and approved.


Also discussed by members was making club contribution to various charities – Phil suggested that personal donations are more appropriate as it can get complicated making club donation – everyone agreed






            Daryl began this portion of the meeting with the great turn out for Mike’s memorial – there were

            30 people from the club – 17 Corvettes were parked in a special location to honor Mike.


As everyone knows Mike passed away on November 13th – he was a great member who was always the first one to help anyone out. 


Daryl shared that the first time he met Mike was the first time he was hired to play for the Christmas party – Mike greeted him at the door with a grin and handshake and said can I help you.  He was always there to help Daryl unload and load his equipment from that first year and the years that followed.


            Members were invited to share their memories of Mike


Jon & Susan Svilich were close friends who enjoyed a relationship with Mike outside of club            activities.  Jon recalled that at his first meeting with Mike was on an Ice House run where the lead car drove like he was in a NASCAR run leading 19 Corvettes to lunch where Mike showed up driving a Dodge pick-up and commented to Jon that “Jesus, you guys drive fast”!  Susan also mentioned that Mike’s family appreciated the great showing of support from the club at the service.


            Phil said Mike loved the Hot Rod Association drags at Sears Point.


            Ken Cleek suggested having a memorial run for Mike.


Bob noted that Mike is the first active club member we’ve lost in the 21 years he’s been in the club.


            Everyone agreed – Mike was “one of the good guys” – will be missed by us all.


Phil acknowledged all the club veterans who stood up and sat down to fast – didn’t get all their names but there were quite a few.  Thanks Vets!


Bob reported that Mary’s surgery went well and she is recuperating at home after spending 4 days in the hospital


Marty and Sue Keylon are grandparents for the first time – a little girl!


Phil and Cathleen have a new granddaughter.


            President Daryl presented $82.00 Christmas tip to Darry and thanked him for taking care of us!


           10.  CLOSING

a.  Next Meeting – January 13, 2015


b.  Meeting adjournment   


            11.   RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy & Bob Graham)          


                        $90.00 Winner – The President of the Cameron Park Corvette Club



                        November Birthdays:

                        Glenn Carlisle

                        Susan Keylon

                        Ken Cleek

                        Marilyn Engle

                        Tom Braithwaite

                        LaRee Brunelli


                        December Birthdays:

                        Rob Crosswhite

                        Peggy Sue Crosswhite

                        Lorna Partlow

                        Pat Oesterreich

                        Dee Bryant

                        Bob Graham