Tuesday, October 14, 2014 – Minutes


1.    CALL TO ORDER:    President – Daryl Partlow


 2.   INTRODUCTION:     No guests


3.   MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Richard & Eileen Baughn, Robert Bianca, Jim & Judi Brady, Vicki Braithwaite, Darrell & Laree Brunelli, Jim & Dee Bryant, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Charles Cates, Ken Cleek, Dick & Barbara Collier, John & Sue Cook, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, Dave & Marilyn Engle, George Goolsby, Bob & Mary Graham, Kevin Hatten,  Lavonne Hibbert,  Kim Holm, Dennis & Dori Honig, Dennis & Marty Humphrey, Jan Janca, Tom Leonard, Patty McCoy, Monte & Linda Melton, Michael Neri, Les & Pat Oesterreich, Daryl & Lorna Partlow, John Reese, Pete Ruff, Rick & Karen Samoian, Lane & Sharon Siebenthal, Jack Stanley, Jon & Susan Svilich, Dolores Vincent               


     4.  September 9, MINUTES:

          Approved:  Barbara Collier; second Dennis Humphrey




                 a.  Treasurer –Glenn Carlisle

                             Checking balance as of 10/14/2014         $4,832.13

                             Income:                                     $     72.00                    

                             Expense:                                              $     11.16 


  b.   Secretary –Lorna Partlow – Serious oversight – forgot to thank George for filling in for  

        August meeting!  Thank you George!

c.   Web Master – Pete Ruff – Everything up to date

b.       Raffle Organizers – Patty McCoy, Bob Graham, Mike Cobel               

$160.00  ($80/Club - $80/Winner))




September 18th – Ladies Luncheon – Hostess:  Pat Oesterreich – Fat’s in Folsom – another fun day for 16 ladies


September 21st – Birthday Run @ Sloughouse – Hosts:  Dennis & Marty Humphrey

                                      Great turnout – the Prez played a couple of songs with the band

                                      While a few members danced along!


September 27th – Wounded Warriors Show, Rancho Cordova – Small event enjoyed by Jim & Judi Brady


September 28 & 29th – Little River Run – Hosts:  Daryl & Lorna Partlow/Barbara & Dick Collier –

                                      Another fun trip to the coast – 22 cars this year.  Everyone enjoyed all the drinks and loads of goodies on the deck and another great dinner at Silver’s on the wharf in Noyo Harbor.

October 4th – Cameron Park Show ‘n Shine – Hosts:  John & Sue Cook – Fun day with a full house – the Cooks always host a great event!


October 12th – Sutter Street Car Show – Dennis Humphrey attended – great chili cook off featuring “moose turd” chili… sounds interesting…along with some cook looking cars!





                 WSCC and membership dues are due by December 31st.  $71.00 per couple and $51.00 for single (this includes both the WSCC and membership dues)


                 Nominations for officers – Bob Graham nominated Daryl Partlow for Presidents; George Goolsby (and others) nominated the whole Board to serve another term.  Officers to be voted on at November meeting.


                             - Upcoming Events           Events Coordinator, Vickie Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.        

Events in the next 3 months:


October 15 – 17th –Mammoth/Death Valley Run – Hosts:  John & Cathy Reese – have 4 cars scheduled to attend run through Mammoth to Scotty’s Castle and back through Yosemite


October 19th – Corvettes for Vets, Red Hawk – Host:  Dennis Humphrey


October 20 – Ladies Luncheon – Olive Garden – Folsom – Hostess:  Pat Oesterreich


October 22-23rd  – Hooked on Corvettes, Maxwell – Host:  Glenn Carlisle – First night features buffet at Stoney Creek – 2nd day racing at Thunder Hill


October 25th – Wine Tasting Party – Oesterreich Residence, Rescue – Hosts:  Les & Pat

                                      Sign up sheet circulated – bring your favorite wine and appetizer


October 25h – Chrome Bumper Corvette Corral – Citrus Heights – No Host


November 19th – Birthday Dinner – Cattlemen’s – Hostess:  Patty McCoy


December 13th – Annual Christmas Party – Holiday Inn Express, El Dorado Hills – Hostesses:  Vicki Braithwiate  Barbara Collier – 10 rooms are reserved at special room rate of $99 – need to make reservations by November 13th  – Prime rib dinner - $20.00 per person; $35.00 for guest


                                      Lots of different raffle prizes; bring $30.00 gift for exchange (no re-gifting)!



Remember to check website for details for all runs – Pete does an outstanding job keeping everything current.



            8.  FLOOR OPEN TO MEMBERS


                        Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs:


Dave Engle made a motion to have club pick up tab for Christmas party – second by Richard Baughn – motion was voted on and did not pass after lengthy discussions regarding past costs and problems encountered by hostesses Barbara and Vicki.


Mary Graham suggested that the Club pick-up the tab for more activities during the year rather than spending it all on one event (i.e. – the Christmas party).  Suggestions were made to have brunch run – where club would pay half, another suggestion was to have a couple more BBQ type events during the summer months.


Vicki & Barbara presented partial budget for Christmas party:

            $600.00 for gifts

            $575.00 for bar and desert

Glenn suggested motion to approve issuance of checks for $1,100


Ken Cleek advised that the Lake Tahoe run was just announced for June 25, 2015


Glenn Carlisle announced WSCC Convention will be in Reno next July


Grants Pass event announcement is out now


Pete Ruff reminded members that on runs, like Little River, everyone should remember to practice “Corvette” etiquette and “caravan procedures” and drive reasonably – need to slow down, enjoy the scenery and keep your passenger calm …!         







           10.  CLOSING

a.  Next Meeting – November 11, 2014


b.  Meeting adjournment   


            11.   RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy, Bob Graham, Mike Cobel)      


                        $80.00 Winner – Pete Ruff


                                    October Birthdays


                                    Sharon Siebenthal

                                    Bill Mueller