Tuesday – October 13, 2015 – Minutes


1.  CALL TO ORDER-     President, Daryl Partlow – Before calling the meeting to order President asked for a moment of silence in memory of Bill Mueller.


2.  INTRODUCTION –     Guests:  Richard Storm – 2007 Corvette, David Pava, 2004 blue C5; Craig Budgeon, ’71 LTI with 27,000 original miles; Kathy Yaw


   Members in Attendance:   Richard & Eileen Baughn, Robert Bianca, Jim & Judi Brady, Vicki Braithwaite, Darrell & LaRee Brunelli, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Charles Cates & Dolores Vincente; Ron & Kathleen Christensen, Ken Cleek, Barbara Collier, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, Don & Susan Ferguson, Phil & Cathleen Fischbach, George Goolsby, Bob Graham, Kevin Hatten, Dennis Humphrey, Jan Janca, Marty & Susan Keylon, Arne Johnson, John & Michelle Manos, Patty McCoy, Bruce & Sandy McPartland, Tom McTernan, Pat Oesterreich, Daryl & Lorna Partlow, Eddie & Cheryl Pesce, John & Kathy Reese, Pete Ruff, Richard & Karen Samoian, Jack Stanley, Brian Wallace



           Motion to approve: Marty Keylon

           Second: Rick Samoian 


4.   OFFICERS' Reports

        a.  Treasurer – Glenn Carlisle

                September -

Balance:              $3,948.58

                Income:               $   148.00

                Expense:             $    16.00


        b.  Secretary – Lorna Partlow – No report


c.  Vice President – Vicki Braithwaite – No report


d.  Web Master – Pete Ruff – Website up to date – all pictures posted


e.  Raffle Organizers – Patty McCoy & Bob Graham

        $170.00 - $85.00/Club - $85.00/Winner




September 12     Chili Cook-off – Pollock Pines – Jim Brady attended and said it was a good show – lots of chili!


September 17     Ladies Lunch @ Rudy’s Hideaway – Hostess:  Pat Oesterreich – dozen of the ladies had a nice time – no car talk!


September 19     Sacramento Classic 16th Annual Car Show, Hagan Park – Club host:  Eddie Pesce – small group attended great show with trophies for all 3 CPCC attendees


September 26     Cruzin’ the Boulevard – El Dorado Hills – Hosts:  Ken Cleek & Kevin Hatten – 12 cars attended this annual summer event – another fun time ending up at the Café Ramos enjoying food and music


September 27-28 Little River Inn Run, Little River – Club hosts:  Partlows & Colliers –

                        Around 38 members made the annual trek to Little River – great weather, great company!  Route was divided into three different groups – so a little something for everyone


October 3-4        Vette Magic – Marriott Rancho Cordova – Club host: Eddie Pesce – 4 placed in award category – 2nd part of event were the drags – Ron Christensen participated


October 10         Cops & Rodders Car Show, Placerville – Club host:  Eddie Pesce – one of the best events Eddie’s ever attended – event put on by the CHP – 4 members attended the very well organized event.  Highly recommended for participation next year.


October 10         Corvette Care Run to Locke – Good event – Kathy Yaw won poker run





                   - Upcoming Events    Events Coordinator, Vicki            Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.



October 14-15    Hooked on Corvettes Tour, Thunder Valley Raceway – Hosts:  Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle – 10 people are scheduled to go to Maxwell Hotel with CHP escort to Stony Brook


October 15         Ladies Luncheon –Diamond Springs Hotel, Diamond Springs – Hostess:  Pat Oesterreich – sign up sheet circulated


October 18th       Corvette for Vets, Red Hawk Casino – Host:  Dennis Humphrey – early event starting at 7:30 a.m. – registration fee of $10.00


October 18th       Wine & Cheese Party @ Samoian’s – sign up sheet circulated


October 24         Run for Colors – Club host: Arne Johnson – cancelled due to lack of “colors” this year due to drought and fires


October 28         Birthday Dinner @ Cattlemen’s – Rancho Cordova – Club hostess:  Patty McCoy


November 10      Club Meeting


November 19      Ladies Lunch – TBA – Club hostess:  Pat Oesterreich


December 4        Christmas Party – Holiday Inn, El Dorado Hills – Club hosts:  Vicki Braithwaite & Barbara Collier


December 8        2016 Event Planning Meeting – Denny’s in Cameron Park – Hostess:  Vicki Braithwaite




Don’t forget to check out website for details on all events – Pete does an excellent job keeping it updated with all the information needed for upcoming runs and events.




                a.  Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs


        Ken Cleek mentioned that “Just for Vets” wanted to know if our club wanted to participate with event.  Phil Fischbach and Bob Graham advised against participation since our club has never put on any events in the past.  It requires a lot of work and club would be responsible for insurance for the event which could be $154 per day and up.


        Patty McCoy is scheduling the November birthday dinner on November 18th at the Spaghetti Factory.  It has been suggested that birthday dinner be held on the third Wednesday of every month in order that all birthdays can be celebrated.  Eileen Baughn also requested that the month and day of member’s birthdays be posted prior to the dinners.


        Ken Cleek will be hosting annual “Contractor’s Caring for Kids” toy run on December 12th at Orangevale Community Center – always a fun event with lots of great food - event raises lots of money and toys for charity.


        Glenn advised that the WSCC annual meeting may be in Livermore or Rancho Cordova next year. 


        Glenn also reminded members that dues are due by December 31st.  $65.00 per couple.  $45.00 for single. 


        Un-opposed nominations for new officers were made and unanimously voted by members as follows:

        President – Marty Keylon

        Secretary – Barbara Collier

        Treasurer – Susan Keylon


        The following are running for Vice-President:


        Vicki Braithwaite

        Ken Cleek

        Dennis Humphrey


        Bob Graham made a motion that only members in attendance at meeting will be allowed to vote.  Seconded by Tom McTernan and passed.  Election will take place at November 10th meeting.  Only members in good standing and those attending meeting are allowed to vote.  Important for club members to attend November 10th meeting if you want to vote. 


        On the November agenda there will be a ballot added for voting for Vice-President.  Votes will be counted and announced thereafter.


Also to be voted on at meeting will be revisions to club by-laws.    Phil Fischbach suggested that by-laws define exact procedure as to how election should be conducted prior to next meeting.  George also suggested that by-laws be updated before the end of the year.  Revisions will be on website for review by November meeting.  Done! 


        After 13 years as serving as the club’s “webmaster” Pete Ruff has given notice for retirement from his position by the end of next year.  Pete will be more than happy to assist anyone who is interested in taking over the duties of webmaster.  Pete has done a beautiful job with our website which has been commented upon by several people outside of our club.


        Glenn encouraged members to send out their own emails to members instead of burdening Pete.


        Prizes for the last raffle (held by the Christmas Committee) were distributed.  Committee would like to thank all members for helping out with earning a little extra money for party.  Earned enough to add dance floor along with some really cool prizes!  


8.   FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER – Daryl Partlow


Daryl expressed club’s loss of Bill Mueller.  He was a terrific guy that helped everyone.  Served as club Treasurer for 2 ½ years – had functions at his and Carol’s residence over the past years.


George added that everyone will miss Bill – as he was always doing so many things for other people.  Did a lot of volunteer work for the CHP.  Rick Samoian added that Bill’s 440 Dodge from the 60s was at the recent Cops & Rodder’s event.  Bill was a great guy and real asset to the club…will be missed by everyone here.


Celebration of Life for Bill will be held on November 21st – details to be announced later.


   9.     CLOSING

a.  Next Meeting – November 10, 2015

b.  Meeting adjournment   


   10.   RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy & Bob Graham)        

                Winner:   Kathy Christensen


                         OCTOBER BIRTHDAYS


                         Linda Melton

                         Sharon Siebenthal