Tuesday, September 9, 2014 – August Minutes


1.    CALL TO ORDER:    Barbara Collier – Filling in for President – Daryl Partlow


2.   INTRODUCTION:     No guests


3.   MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:   Richard & Eileen Baughn, Robert Bianca, Jim & Judi Brady Vicki Braithwaite, Darrell & Laree Brunelli, Jim & Dee Bryant, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Vince Carlisle, Ken Cleek, Dick & Barbara Collier, John Cook, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, George Goolsby, Bob & Mary Graham, Dennis & Dori Honig, Dennis Humphrey, Jan Janca, Marty & Susan Keylon, Patty McCoy, Tom McTernan, Monte & Linda Melton, Bill Mueller, Michael Neri, Pat Oesterreich, John Reese, Rick & Karen Samoian, Jack Stanley, Jon & Susan Svilich, Tom Ward, Bob Wheatley               


     4.  August 9, 2014 MINUTES:

          Approved:  George Goolsby




                 a.  Treasurer – Incoming Glenn Carlisle and Outgoing Bill Mueller

                             Checking balance as of 9/9/2014 $4,746.45

                             Income:                                     $ Unknown                   

                             Expense:                                              $ Unknown 


                 b.   Secretary – George Goolsby filling in for Lorna Partlow  

c.   Web Master – Pete Ruff – Absent, no report

b.       Raffle Organizers – Patty McCoy, Bob Graham, Mike Cobel               

$145.00  ($72/Club - $73/Winner))




August 16th – Car Show – El Dorado Town Center – Dennis Humphrey attended – good show.


August 21st – Ladies Luncheon – Hostess:  Pat Oesterreich – Crκpe Town in Shingle Springs –

                                      16 ladies attended.


August 22nd – Drive to Reno or Beyond – Club Hosts:  Kevin Hatton & Ken Cleek

                                      Ken said it was a great run. 


August 28 – 30 – National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Kentucky – Club Hosts:  Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle – Glenn reported they had a great time  Rained a lot and said they would not make the trip again.  Museum plans to fill the sink hole later this year.




                 Bob Graham made motion to get back to one winner on the raffle instead of two; motion



                 Bob Wheatley was introduced to discuss banking procedures.  Many comments were made

                 Including Bill Mueller, Glenn Carlisle and Dick Collier.  Bill discussed his frustration with nasty emails he has received about banking issues.


                  Vicki stated she was planning a Board Meeting in the near future to discuss club issues and revision of By-Laws


                 Numerous comments and motions were made during this discussion.


                             - Upcoming Events           Events Coordinator, Vickie Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.        

Events in the next 3 months:

September 18th – Ladies Luncheon – Hostess:  Pat Oesterreich – Fat’s in Folsom


September 21st – Birthday Run @ Sloughouse – Hosts:  Dennis & Marty Humphrey

                                      George will lead convoy from Marriott’s in Rancho Cordova leaving at 4:00 p.m., dinner at 5:00.  Openings for 12 more people only.


September 27th – Wounded Warriors Show, Rancho Cordova – No Host


September 28th – Muscle Cars in Park, Elk Grove – No Host


September 28 & 29th – Little River Run – Hosts:  Daryl & Lorna Partlow/Barbara & Dick Collier –

                                      Barbara circulating sign up sheet and donation of $5.00 per person for pizza. 

                                      George is leading group of 8 up I- to Highway 20 around Clear Lake.  Most of the group will be traveling 80 to 37 to 101.  Total of 32 cars for this run.


October 4th – Cameron Park Show ‘n Shine – Hosts:  John & Sue Cook – Meeting at KFC on Cameron Park Drive at 7:00 to come in as group


October 12th – Sutter Street Car Show – Dennis Humphrey said that it is for pre 72 cars but lots of fun.


October 15 – 17th –Mammoth/Death Valley Run – Hosts:  John & Cathy Reese – they will travel the run backwards so will be in Markleville for lunch on the 17th for those wanting to make fall colors run to Markleville lunch.


October 19th – Corvettes for Vets, Red Hawk – No host


October 22nd – Hooked on Corvettes, Maxwell – Host:  John Reese


Remember to check website for details for all runs – Pete does an outstanding job keeping everything current.



            8.  FLOOR OPEN TO MEMBERS


                        Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs:


Another discussion about the WSCC Club Insurance – Rick Samoian feels we do not need it.  Vicki advised that everyone should plan on attending the October meeting to go over and vote on this issue.  George stated we have already voted to require members to join for club membership.  It’s in the August minutes. 




9.  FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER –  Daryl Partlow - Absent



           10.  CLOSING

a.  Next Meeting – October 14, 2014


b.  Meeting adjournment   


            11.   RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy, Bob Graham, Mike Cobel)      


                        $73.00 Winner – Mary Lou Carlisle


                                    September Birthdays


                                    Eileen Baughn

                                    Vicki Braithwaite

                                    Vince Carlisle

                                    Sue Cook

                                    Dennis Humphrey

                                    John Reese

                                    Rick Samoian