April 8, 2014 – MARCH MINUTES


1.       CALL TO ORDER:  President, Daryl Partlow


2.   INTRODUCTION:  New members:  Danny & Cindy Schneider (C5 2001 Pewter Vette); Guests: Mike & Jan Parigini (’94 ZR1), Ryan Dager, Jack & Kathy Keylon


3.   MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Richard & Eileen Baughn, Robert Bianca, Jim & Judi Brady, Vicki Braithwaite, Michele Carbone, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Ken Cleek, Mike Cobel, Dick & Barbara Collier, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, George Goolsby, Bob & Mary Graham, Kevin Hatten, Dennis & Dori Honig, Dennis Humphrey, Marty & Susan Keylon, Tom Learned, Patty McCoy, Mike Morgan, Bill Mueller, Michael Neri, Ron Niemi, Daryl & Lorna Partlow, John & Cathy Reese, Pete Ruff, Rick & Karen Samoian, Jon Svilich,Tom & Susie Ward               


     4.  MARCH 11, 2014 MINUTES:

          Approved:  Bob Graham and Jon Svilich




                 a.  Treasurer – Bill Mueller

                             Checking balance as of 4/8/2014 $4,587.20

                             Income:                                     $   355.00                     

                             Expense:                                              $     -0-

b.       Secretary – Lorna Partlow – no report

c.       Web Master – Pete Ruff – website updated with a couple of new events

d.       Raffle Organizers – Patty McCoy, Mike Cobel, Bob Graham               

$155.00  ($75.00/Club - $80.00/Winner)




March 16th – St. Patty’s Dinner – Host:  Barbara Collier – Another great dinner thanks to Barbara! 


March 26th – Birthday Dinner @ Cattlemen’s – Host:  Patty & Mike - 28 people attended a great time with 7 members celebrating their birthdays.


            April 5th – Hooters All Corvette Show – Host:  Mike Cobel – 8 cars attending show with over 200 cars from classics to C7’s.


            7.  NEW BUSINESS:

                             - Upcoming Events           Events Coordinator, Vickie Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.        

Events in the next 3 months:

April 13th – Birthday Lunch run @ Freeport Inn @ 11:30; followed by wine tasting @ Scribner’s

                                      Winery @ 1:00 - Hosts:  Patty McCoy & Mike Cobel


April 19th – Rocky Pearson Memorial – Bob and Glenn – 11 members have signed up to attend this memorial run.  Don’t forget to bring back pack with school supplies for kindergarten through 5th grade. 


April 24th – Corvette Ladies Luncheon – Papa Gianni’s, Cameron Park @ noon – Host:  Pat Oesterreich


April 26th – Corvette Care Open House – Host:  Ken Cleek – Meeting at 7:30 at Brookfield’s (Sunrise & Folsom)  for breakfast – leaving for open house @9:00 – open house includes BBQ, DJ, lots of cars to check out.   


April 27th – Woodbridge Crossing Winery dinner run in Lodi – Hosts:  Vicki & Tom Braithwaite


May 2-4th – 6th Annual Monterey Peninsula Corvette Cruise – Hosts:  George & Daryl – early group led by Ken Cleek meeting @6:45 – second group led by  George & Daryl’s will be leaving @9:30 with lunch stop in Gilroy – 5:00 dinner at the Fish House in Monterey


May 15th – Oroville Dam Tour and Run – Hosts:  Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle – 28 cars are expected to participate – leaving from Bell Road in Auburn @8:30 – bring picnic lunch; tour scheduled for 11:00.  Also museum to check out featuring old tools/ cooking utensils


May 17th – Sonoma Historic Motorsports Festival – Sonoma Raceway – Host:  Kevin Hatten


May 17th – ABEL’s car show – Rio Vista – Dennis Humphrey


May 18th – Angel’s Camp Picnic – Hosts:  Bob & Mary Graham, John & Cathy Reese – this is the 9th annual picnic featuring games and raffle prizes – club picking up cost of BBQ, sign up sheet circulated for pot luck – don’t forget to bring $30.00 raffle prize and drinks!


May 26th – Vettes for Vets – Sacramento – Host: Dennis Humphrey


May 31st  – Show & Shine – Ione – Host:  Dennis Humphrey


June 7th – Vette Magic Car Show in Rancho Cordova – No host


June 8th – Vette Magic Drags – Sacramento Raceway – No host


June 8th – Peter’s Steak House dinner run in Isleton – Host:  Dennis & Marty Humphrey


June 14th – Day Run to Lake Tahoe – Host:  Kevin Hatten


July 13th – Big Springs Garden lunch run – Sierra County – Host:  George Goolsby


            8.  FLOOR OPEN TO MEMBERS


                        Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs:


Jon Svelch took orders for club name tags


Robert Bianca showed C6 cargo shades available for $15.00 at Dynamic Designs in Diamond Springs


Glenn Carlisle and John Reese are going to WSCC Convention in Medford, Oregon on July 6th – 11th, anyone interested in going should sign up now


Ken Cleek announced that at the event in Monterey last year the club won 80% of the trophies – this year’s event on May 3rd in Monterey the club has already won for the most cars participating – hotel will be serving chef appetizer platters and wine Friday night (after dinner) in the Partlow suite!


9.  FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER –  Daryl Partlow

            “I got nothing”!


           10.  CLOSING

a.  Next Meeting – May13, 2014


b.  Meeting adjournment   


            11.   RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy, Bob Graham & Mike Cobel)   


                        $80.00 winner – Robert Bianca