Tuesday, February 11, 2014 –FEBRUARY MINUTES


1.       CALL TO ORDER:  President, Daryl Partlow


2.       INTRODUCTION:  Guests – Ryan Yaeger and Michelle Carboni – Blue 2006 C6

  New Members:  Gary & Cheryl Duncan – 2014 Stingray C7


3.   MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE:  Richard & Eileen Baughn, Robert Bianca, Vicki Braithwaite, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Dan & Helena Christopherson, Ken Cleek, Mike Cobel, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, Phil & Cathleen Fischbach, George Goolsby, Bob & Mary Graham, Dennis & Dori Honig, Dennis Humphrey, Jan Janca, Tom Krakker, Tom Learned, Patty McCoy, Bill & Carol Mueller, Michael Neri, Ron Niemi, Daryl & Lorna Partlow, John & Cathy Reese, Pete Ruff, Rick & Karen Samoian, Jack Stanley, Jon & Susan Svilich, Miguel Victorino               


     4.  JANUARY 14, 2014 MINUTES:

          Approved: Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle 




                 a.  Treasurer – Bill Mueller

                             Checking balance as of 2/11/2014           $3,622.20

                             Income:                                     $   900.00                     

                             Expense:                                              $     98.26


                             DUES ARE DUE BEFORE MARCH 11, 2014 MEETING

                             $20.00 per person/$40.00 per couple.


b.       Secretary – Lorna Partlow – no report

c.       Web Master – Pete Ruff – website updated

d.       Raffle Organizers – Patty McCoy, Mike Cobel, Bob Graham               

$190.00  ($95.00/Club - $95.00/Winner)




January 18th – Vicki’s Event Planning Meeting – 30 people attended meeting hosted by Tom & Vicki Braithwaite


January 29th – Birthday dinner @ Cattleman’s – Host:  Patty McCoy – George Goolsby and Dennis Honig were among the people who attended celebrating their January birthdays. 



                 Upcoming Events           Events Coordinator, Vickie Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.        

Events in the next 6 months:

February 16th – Vince’s Dinner Run, Elk Grove – Hosts:  Dennis & Marty Humphrey


February 23rd – Dinner @ Rudy’s Hideaway – Host:  George Goolsby5:00 cocktails/6:00 dinner.


March 8th – Cameron Park Fire Department Crab Feed – Host:  George Goolsby


March 16th – St. Paddy’s Dinner @ Denny’s in Cameron Park – Hosts:  Barbara & Dick Collier


March 26th – Birthday Dinner @ Cattleman’s – Host: Patty McCoy


April 5th – Hooters Car Show, Arden Way, Sacramento – Host:  Mike Cobel


April 13th – Lunch run @ Freeport Inn, followed by wine tasting @ Scribner’s

                                      Winery - Hosts:  Patty McCoy & Mike Cobel


April 19th – Rocky Pearson Memorial – Bob and Glenn will get further information – Rocky was former member of CPCC and well liked by everyone.


April 26th – Corvette Care Open House – Host:  Ken Cleek


April 27th – Woodbridge Crossing Winery dinner run – Hosts:  Vicki & Tom Braithwaite


May 2-4th – 6th Annual Monterey Peninsula Corvette Cruise – Hosts:  George & Daryl


May 15th – Oroville Dam Tour and Run – Hosts:  Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle – members from other clubs with be participating in tour and picnic lunch


May 17thSonoma Historic Motorsports Festival – Sonoma Raceway – Host:  Kevin Hatten


May 18th – Angel’s Camp Picnic – Hosts:  Bob & Mary Graham – Tom Braithwaite new cook!


May 26thVettes for Vets – Sacramento


June 7thVette Magic Car Show – Rancho Cordova


June 8th – Dinner run – Pete’s Steakhouse in Isleton – Hosts:  Dennis & Marty Humphrey


June 14th – Day trip to Tahoe – Host:  Kevin Hatten


            8.  FLOOR OPEN TO MEMBERS


                        Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs:


Daryl has reserved rooms for September 28th and 29th for Little River Run – need to make your reservations now for $166.50 (+tax) rate. 


John & Cathy Reese are planning to do Panama Canal Cruise during the early spring of 2015 – need to find out if any other members are interested in participating.








            Bob Graham is officially retiring on March 1st.


            Monterey Corvette Club had a drawing with all car numbers from hotel and George Goolsby                          and Daryl Partlow’s rooms were upgraded to “bay view suites” for Monterey Run.


Phil & Cathleen Fischbach’s house is new completion!


Email Patty McCoy if you’re interested in disclosing your date of birth for birthday dinners!


           10.  CLOSING

a.  Next Meeting – March 11, 2014


b.  Meeting adjournment   


            11.   RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy & Bob Graham)          


                        $95.00 winner – Carol Mueller