Tuesday February 10, 2015 – Minutes

1.  CALL TO ORDER-     President, Daryl Partlow


2.  INTRODUCTION –     Guest and new member:  Edward Pesce – Blue C7 on the way; Guest: 

                                          Paul (friend of Keith Becky)


     Members in Attendance:   Richard & Eileen Baughn, Keith Becky, Robert Bianca; Jim & Judi Brady, Vicki Braithwaite, Darrell & LaRee Brunelli, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Dan & Helena Christopherson, Ken Cleek, Richard & Barbara Collier, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, George Goolsby, Lavonne Hibbert, Dennis & Dori Honig, Dennis Humphrey, Jan Janca, Marty & Susan Keylon, Tom Learned, Patty McCoy, Monte & Linda Melton, Bill Mueller,  Daryl & Lorna Partlow, Richard & Karen Samoian, Jack Stanley, Jon & Susan Svilich, Bob Wheatley


3.  January 2015 - meeting minutes

                 Move to approve: Marty Keylon

                 Second: Jon Svilich 


4.  OFFICERS' Reports

           a.  Treasurer – Glenn Carlisle

                       January -

Balance:              $3,020.70

                       Income:               $   207.00

                       Expense:             $   286.11    


           b.  Secretary – Lorna Partlow – Thank you to Kathleen Fischbach for covering January meeting!


c.  Web Master – Pete Ruff – Not present – but advised that website was up to date


d.  Raffle Organizers – Patty McCoy & Dennis Humphrey

                        $160.00  ($80.00 Club / $80.00 Winner)




*  President advised that at last month’s meeting the vote was “null and void” as he was not allowed to vote according to “Robert’s Rules” regarding club paying for Keith Becky’s WSCC fees.  As such the board made the decision to add Keith Becky to the event page as founding member.  Pete added special section for Keith identifying him as the founding member, including pictures and copy of club’s first minutes. 


Lengthy discussions by members as to why a charter member, such as Keith, should be removed from roster.  Keith remains on the website just not on the roster as you can only be on the roster if you pay the $31.00 required by the CPCC.  It was the board’s understanding that Keith was okay with the special recognition of “charter member” and the acknowledgement of same on the website and he would pay the $31.00. 


Also discussed at length were the different interpretations of “Robert’s Rules” as far as voting procedures and how they apply to our club. 


President asked if anyone wanted to make a motion to change the vote regarding the club paying the fees for Keith that are required by the CPCC – no response.


After some discussion from Keith as to his position on the club policy he declined to pay the $31.00 and removed himself from the meeting.



a.  January 15                 Ladies luncheon - Hostess: Kathy Reese  -  Purple Place, El Dorado Hills – Lavonne said it was a good time!


b.  January 18                 Event Planning Meeting - Hosts: Vickie and Tom Braithwaite – 35 people attended.  Events were planned with more to be added.  Because of the large number attending the meeting it has been decided that next year’s meeting will be held at Denny’s or some other location that can accommodate more people. 


c.  January 21                 Birthday Dinner - Cattlemen's - Hostess: Patty McCoy – 30 people attended – Patty said it was a blast!


d.  February 7                 Panama Canal Cruise - Club hosts: Pat and Les Oesterreich – the Reese’s and Oesterreich’s are cruising at this time!


e.  February 8                 Vicki’s Mystery Dinner – Rudy’s – 17 people turned out to check out Vicki & Tom’s new C7 – however due to rain it stayed parked in the garage!  They’re anxious to get it out on the road for a real run (weather permitting).



                             - Upcoming Events    Events Coordinator, Vicki Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.        


a.  February 11                Birthday Dinner – Spaghetti Factory, Rancho Cordova  – Hostess:  Patty McCoy – has reservations for 36 people


b.  February 19                Ladies Luncheon – Rudy’s, Rancho Cordova – Hostesses:  Vicki & Lorna


c.  February 21                Cameron Park Fire Crab Feed -  Host: George Goolsby

                                      Reservations for 17 people at new location on Country Club Drive in Cameron Park


d.  March 7                     REIFF’s Gas Station Museum, Woodland – Host:  Gary Duncan


e.  March 17                   St. Patty’s Dinner – Hosts:  Barbara & Dick Collier, Collier Residence


f.  March 21                    Birthday Lunch – Holbrooke Hotel, Grass Valley – Hostess:  Patty McCoy


g.  March 26h                  Ladies Luncheon – Hostess:  Kathleen FischbachFischbach residence









                        a.  Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs


                        Bob Wheatley attended the course after the “hooked on driving” said it was a great time.                             Recommended members should check it out.


                        Dennis & Dori Honig are hosting lunch run to Tommy’s in Jackson and then on to Ghirardelli’s                                     factory for dessert on February 13th – Glenn will add details on website


                        Ken Cleek – every Saturday from 8 to 10 is the Cars & Coffee event in Folsom – usually have                                     all types of cars – lots of Mustangs!


                        Rick Samoian – Guy’s breakfast on Friday, the 13th, will be at the Train Station


                        Dennis Humphrey reminded everyone that the Hooter’s Car Show is coming – April 4th


8.   FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER – Daryl Partlow


*  President expressed concern to members that it was not the intent of him, the board or anyone in the club to remove Keith from the roster or the club as a member.


Another lengthy discussion ensued regarding Keith’s status as being an honorary/lifetime member of the club since he is the “founding member” of the club.  Bob Graham is a lifetime member and pays the WSCC dues.


      Members agree that motions should be taken more seriously and thought out and voting should be done correctly. 


Glenn again advised that if a member does not pay the WSCC dues their name goes off the roster.  Glenn’s only goal is to enforce what the members have voted on.


Dick Collier suggested that the board research the term “honorary member” and present the definition to the club at the next meeting as to exactly what that term means to the club as it relates to the requirement of paying dues, etc.



     9.     CLOSING

a.  Next Meeting – March 10, 2015

b.  Meeting adjournment   


    10.   RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy & Dennis Humphrey)         

                        Winner:   Cheryl Duncan


                                      FEBRUARY BIRTHDAYS


                                                            Marty Humphrey

                                                            Tom Ward                    


·         I would like to apologize if I didn’t get everything exactly correct as it was difficult to hear and keep track of all the discussions.


                                                            Secretary Lorna