Tuesday January 13, 2015 - Minutes


1. CALL TO ORDER- President, Daryl Partlow


2. INTRODUCTION - Guests: Charley Tine (Karen [Strachan] Tine's husband


Members in Attendance:   Keith Becky, Robert Bianca, Vicki Braithwaite, Darrell & LaRee Brunelli, Jim & Dee Bryant, Glenn & Mary Lou Carlisle, Ken Cleek, Richard & Barbara Collier, John & Sue Cook, Gary & Cheryl Duncan, David & Marilyn Engle, Phil & Cathleen Fischbach, Bob & Mary Graham, Lavonne Hibbert, Dennis & Dori Honig, Dennis Humphrey, Jan Janca, Marty & Susan Keylon, Patty McCoy, Thomas McTernan, Monte & Linda Melton, Daryl Partlow, John & Kathy Reese, Richard & Karen Samoian, Jack Stanley, Jon & Susan Svilich, Karen Tine, Tom Ward


3. November 11, 2014 meeting minutes

Move to approve: Jon Svilich

Second: Bob Graham


4. OFFICERS' Reports

a. Treasurer Glenn Carlisle


Balance: $5,125.95

Income: $2,074.00

Expense: $1,548.00

Ending Balance: $5,651.95


Balance: $5,651.95

Income: $1,250.00

Expense: $3,864.14

Ending Balance: $3,037.81


Move to approve: Phil Fischbach; Second: Dick Collier. Unanimous approval.


b. Secretary Lorna Partlow - No report (not present)


c. Web Master Pete Ruff - No report (not present)


D. Raffle Organizers Patty McCoy & Bob Graham

$210 ($105 Club / $105 Winner)



a. November 12 Birthday Dinner - Cattlemen's - Hostess: Patty McCoy

34ish attendees - a good time was had by all

b. November 20 Ladies luncheon - Hostess: Kathy Reese. ZacJack's Cameron Park Great food, good time approximately 20 ladies attended. $450 in donations from throughout the year was donated to Snowline Hospice

c. December 13 Annual Club Christmas Party - Club Hosts: Vicki & Tom Braithwaite, Barbara & Dick Collier. Holiday Inn, El Dorado Hills. Great event, thanks to Daryl for being our DJ, Keith for catering, Karen and Marilyn for desserts,

d. December 13 Contractors Caring For Kids 19th Annual Toy Drive & Fundraiser

Club Host: Ken Cleek They raised $18,000.00



- Upcoming Events Events Coordinator, Vicki Braithwaite, Vice President

Please see the event schedule posted on our web site for more information.


a. January 15 Ladies luncheon - Hostess: Kathy Reese. Thursday Purple Place, El Dorado Hills


b. January 18 Event Planning Meeting - Hosts: Vickie and Tom Braithwaite at their residence. Marty and Susan are bringing homemade enchiladas. Flyer and dessert/side/appetizer sign-up sheet passed around.


Motion to have Club pick up costs of enchiladas: Unanimous Approval


c. January 21 Birthday Dinner - Cattlemen's - Hostess: Patty McCoy Cocktails 4:00, Dinner 5:00. If you want to attend and haven't RSVP'd email Patty NLT the 19th.


b. February 7 Panama Canal Cruise - Club hosts: Pat and Les Oesterreich


b. February 21 Cameron Park Fire Dept Crab Feed. Host: George Goolsby

Space will fill up fast so sign up ASAP (limited to first 10)




a. Ideas and volunteers for new events or runs




a. Daryl Partlow - Happy New Year!


b. Glenn Carlisle: WSEC membership cards passed out. Pins will be mailed to members directly


The WSEC awards dinner is Saturday night. Glenn and Mary Lou will attend on behalf of the Club. Rick Samoian shared that Miguel Victorino is getting the award for his class C3 Modified.


Question was raised as to how many paid club members to date: 77


c. Keith Becky requested clarification regarding how the new rule of 100% WSEC membership applied to him since he is a founding member with an Honorary Membership. He is not required to pay dues. Does the new rule mean that if he does not pay the WSCC dues, he would no longer be a member? Much discussion ensued.

Motion: Club to pick up dues for Honorary Members but they would be required to fill out WSEC Membership form. Rick Samoian; Second: Phil Fischbach

Aye: 17 Nay: 16


a. Next Meeting - February 10, 2015

b. Meeting adjournment   


11. RAFFLE 50/50 (Patty McCoy & Bob Graham)

Winner: Marty Keylon $105



Kathy Hatten

George Goolsby

Karen Samoian

Carol Mueller

Jack Stanley

Dennis Honig