Napa Poker Run 2009

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April 25,2009
Event Hosts Tom & Vicki Braithwaite
As usual, this was a fun time with good friends enjoying a fun day with great weather to get our Corvettes out. 
Thanks Vicki & Tom!

All Photos by John Reese

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Pit stop in Winters...

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Pit stop in Winters...

A variety of years

Dans's talkin' exhaust systems

Group discussion in the back

What's up Mike?

Phil's sweet '64

Two Zs




Pit stop at 121/128 junction. I think I know that car...

whatcha eatin' John?

Cookies are good

Thumbs up Kathy

The guy ridin' the Harley is interested in Dana's Z

And we went around the corner like this...

We made it. 1111 White Ln. for your nav to find it

Plenty of parking

Another angle

Convertibles through the years

Cookies and wine, mmmmmmmm

Show me the money Tom

This is a nice place for a picnic

We had our own table but it was SRO for many

Vittorio was the founder here

Nice green beard on the building

More of the grounds

Despite the crowds, it's a peaceful setting

Some more scenes

Nice backs!

What's happening Dana?

A good time is being enjoyed

Still some cookies left