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5th Annual Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise
May 3 - 5, 2013
Photos by John Reese - Thanks John

Right to left, George's, Glenn's, John's Z, Phil's

More Corvettes

Phil's with ZO6 brakes now

John's Z

Nice GS

And another GS

Parking lot

Checkin' out the huffer

George's GS

Opps, seagull country

Cleaning the seagull's offering

Hazard of parking on the coast

"I'm sure I can get this thing to work!"

More parking lot

Lambo doors are still liked by some

Lookin' at Corvettes

More Corvettes

Part of our club lineup

"Cheers" Kevin & Kathy

Dueling phones

Cathleen's nice smile again

Mary & Glenn

Tom & Carole

Sandra & Ken

George & Barb

Susan & Jon

Bob & Mary

Dining hall, our members at the two tables

Familiar faces

TWO winners - Best of Show & ???

George scored a yellow model Corvette

Looks like Ken scored one too

Lorna is eyeing Daryl's dessert

Mystery photo


1953 - 2013

The Mother Road

Kathleen & Robert with their trophy for winning ???