Monterey Coast Corvettes

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2016 Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise
June 3, 4, and 5
, 2016
Hosted by Eddie Pesce
Cruise Leaders Ken Cleek and George Goolsby
Photos by Marty Keylon, John Reese, and Eddie Pesce

The Parking Lot...

Marty and Susan's Ride

A Line of Beauties

Vettes Everywhere

Rob's winning Corvette. 3 awards: People's Choice, Best in Class, and Award of Excellence!

17-Mile Drive Poker Run: Richard and Ellen behind Marty

George's Grand Sport

Show-N-Shine at the Hotel --- Over 100 Corvette's!

Hand-Made Trophies...


View from the 8th Floor of the Hotel of the Cars on the Right


Rob Won 3 Trophies!

On the 17-Mile Drive Poker Run

17 mile drive poker run: Susan and Marty, Les and Pat, Allen and Kim, and Tom and Kathy McTernan

Thursday Evening BBQ in Carmel Valley #1

Thursday Evening BBQ in Carmel Valley #2

Thursday Evening BBQ in Carmel Valley #3

At the BBQ on the Hill in Carmel Valley

Les, Vicki, and Marty


Susan and Tom

Tom at the Tide Pools


Les, Pat, and Susan Keylon in the Background


Les, Vicki, and Marty

Retro Mod 1960 LS3 Running Gear

Les and His ZO6 on the 17-Mile Drive Poker Run

Looking Down on the Group from the 8th Floor

At the Banquet


Belonging to Ken and Sandra


Tom McTernan's

Ron's Z06


Peggy Sue Taking Photo of Rob's C3

Rob's 1970 Custom C3

Marty and Susan: Where Do You Park Around Here Anyway?

Richard and Eileen

Another Shot of Rob's C3

George's C6

Black Wheels Are a Nice Touch, George


Kevin and Kathy with their new C7

Bob Graham's

And the other side...

Must be Vicki's

Les's C7

Allen and Kim Holm's


Rob's Award Winning C3

Glenn's Right Side

Glenn's Left Side

Kevin's C7

One More Time

Ken and Sandra's



Richard and Eileen's from the Front

Richard and Eileen's from the Rear



Ron Niemi accepting his award for 5th place stock C7’s

Kathy and Kevin Hatten accepting their award for 4th place stock C7’s

Cheryl & Eddie Pesce  accepting their award for 1st place stock & modified C7’s

George and Barb accepting their award for 3rd place Grand Sports

Barb and George with Sue and Jim Goolsby  “cousin” from SO CA

Kathy & Kevin Hatten and Eddie & Cheryl Pesce - the fun table at the awards banquet

Mary Lou & Glenn and Kathy & John

Some of the better looking custom licenses plates - Eddie's Italian Stallion “Corvetta” and Ken's "Quick Silver"

Eddie and Cheryl beach-combing their way along the Carmel coastline

Cheryl showing off her booty after combing the beaches all afternoon

The Hatten’s and the Pesce’s cruising the poker run on the 17-mile Drive asking for directions?

Eddie and Cheryl are mesmerized by this giant kite on the Carmel strand

 The view out the Pesce’s suite of the Monterey Peninsula

Sunset out the Pesce’s room on their balcony

"That's All Folks!"