Monterey Coast Cruise

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5th Annual Monterey Coast Corvette Cruise
May 3 - 5, 2013
Photos by Daryl Partlow and John Reese - Thanks Guys!

There are 50 photos be sure to scroll all the way down

Next weekend - same area

That's not how to prepare for Show & Shine boys

Phil has done his work, and it paid off

Just a reminder, don't mess with this car

George and John by John's Z

George showing off the powerplant

George's interior

Dueling cameras

Lorna & Daryl by BADLULU

Kathy, Mary, Lorna, Cathleen

On the road, pulling off

Ready to make a turn

We're drivin', not polishin'

Here we go....

Carol, Mary & Glenn

John's in a daze after taking lots of photos - Kathy looks very happy

Barb & George

Susan & Jon

Cathleen & Phil

Corvetteless Bob & Mary

Mary & Glenn, Lorna & Daryl

George's swag

Congrats Phil for Best of Show

CPCC did well with the awards

Two very satisfied people

Nice nametags

Time to relax

John's Z, Daryl's BADLULU, and Glenn's coupe

Lorna, Kathy, John, Mary, Glenn

One of every generation, everybody's dream

Nice gift items

More gifts

It says closed but...

We'll wait anyway

The usual gang plus Jim & Dee (Diana) Bryant potential new members

The wait was worth it

And Daryl is busy taking photos

Hi Cathleen - nice smile

Mary & Glenn look happy

As do Lorna & Daryl

Nice picture of Susan & Jon

If anybody can supply names, I'll add them

Tom & Carole

Phil & Cathleen

Just a reminder - NEXT WEEK

Corvetteless Bob and Corvette owner Jon

The parking lot - red seems dominant

More Corvettes

Lucky Me indeed - the license on the near Corvette