May Birthday Dinner

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May Birthday Dinner - Cattlemens
May 13
, 2015
Club Host Patty McCoy

Photos by Eddie Pesce, Susan Keylon, Patty McCoy, John Reese

Happy Hour is ALWAYS a good time with this group

Marty, daughter, Susan, Marty - one of the birthday kids

Pat, Lorna, Birthday Boy

Marty with the gals - Vicki, Lorna, Susan, Pat

Vicki, Lorna, Pat, Marty

Daryl, Les, Lorna

Susan's smile for Birthday boy Marty

The Quiet Bunch - Glenn, Mary Lou, LaRee, Darrell, Lane

George, Mary, Jim & Dee

Lorna chatting with a group

Dee, George, Mary, Jim

Dee posing with George

Birthday boy Lane looks kicked back

What's on the menu Patty?

Lorna flirting with Daryl

John is very photogenic tonight

Eileen & Richard chatting

George working his phone

Susan and Pat are focused on something

Kathy & Tom

Daryl shows Vicki something on his phone while Tom looks on

Finally seated at the dinner table, menus are examined

Eddie, Lane, Jim, Mary, Birthday girl Kathy

Daryl and Vicki mugging it up

This is more like it

Nichole, Susan's youngest

Lorna, Pat, Marty

Cheryl & Eddie

Dennis & Mardette

Event Host Patty with Dennis

Darrll & LaRee - the desert lady

Mary Lou & Glenn

Eileen & Richard - nice shirt

George looks satisfied

HiYa Les

Another table shot

Kathy's hat is a giveaway - it' her birthday

Three birthday boys

Cheers and Happy Birthday

These kids are all another year younger!