March Birthday Lunch

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Birthday Lunch - Union Pub - Volcano
March 15, 2015
Club Host Patty McCoy

Photos by
John Reese, Ken Cleek, Patty McCoy

Tom's new 2015 ZO6

Rick is checking out Tom's spoiler - or is it wing or a Gurney flap

They say, "All Corvettes are Red"

Run leader Jim Bryant's Crystal Red '09

Not sure whose this beauty is

Dennis's always shiny, never dusty, Commemorative coupe



The Volcano Union Inn and Pu

Some local art on display

Volcano street parking

More street parking in Volcano

That's Marty's mighty black ZO6

"How do we find the Union Pub?"

Off-street parking - John's and Pete's

Is this the Brunelli's?

Overheard:  If the C7 looked this good, I'd buy one in a minute!

Dennis's again

Tom Learned's

V8 Dave's

Another Englishman - this one a classic

Photographer John in action

Patty and her co-pilot and neighbor Lynda

Gary & Cheryl

LaRee & Darrell

Jim & Dee

Birthday Girl Mary Lou & Glenn

Brother and sister - Ken and Tareta

Eileen & Richard

The "new ZO6" couple Katy & Tom

Dennis says Blue Moon, matches his Corvette

Rick and Vicki

Tom and Dave

Mary & Bob

Lane & Sharon

Marilyn and Karen

Dave & Marilyn

Karen & Rick

Pete & Ann

Birthday Girl Susan & Jon

Robert & Bev

Carole & TOm

Tom likes his Bastard Ale

Marty & Susan

Helena & Dan

Richard, Ken, Eileen, Tareta

Pete, Karen, Rick, Tom

Hey Jon!  Bob, Lane, Sharon

Tareta and Ken decided to go spelunking

Down here....

To see this sort of formation