Mammoth Overnight Run

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Markleeville - Mammoth - Lunch - Dinner Run
October 16 & 17, 2012
Event Host John & Kathy Reese
Photos by John Reese
and Anon.  Thanks John!

Highway 88 foliage exhibits its fall colors

Ugh!  Stop for roadwork

It wasn't too bad, gave time to socialize on the roadside

Lunch at Wolf Creek Restaurant & Bar in Markleeville - Glen, Mary, Lorna, Daryl, Barb, Dick

The other side of the table, L to R, Pete, Ann, Charlie, Karen, Kathy

Dick, Barb, Daryl, Lorna, Mary, Glen

Charlie in the orange HD shirt is Karen's friend

Downtown Markleeville

Karen's is legal with the front license

Standing around in Markleeville after lunch

Scenic overlook on Highway 89

Daryl, Lorna and BADLULU

The girls

The boys

Rest stop near Tuolumne meadows - hold your nose

Our trusty rides

Another stop this time by an alpine lake

The cars add color to this scene

Always time to chat a bit

Our photographer (back to another camera) looking at the Corvettes

John in action with his camera

The air is cool and clean up here in the high country