Lodi Winery & Poker Run

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 Lodi Winery - Poker Run, Lodi, CA
April 21,
Host - Vicki & Tom Braithwaite

Photos by
Vicki & Tom Braithwaite - Thanks

Host and Sparkplug for the Spring winery -  poker run, Vicki

Since it's Vicki's run, she gets double billing

Lots of Corvettes ready to roll

Graham's and Quaresma's C6s

The other end of the lineup

There's Toni with her '81

Red and yellow are a nice combination

Orange and Black, too

Winston & Gloria with Bill

Lorna and Barb

Kathy and Mary

Darla & John, Patty, Carol, and Mikey

Gloria & Winston with their red C6ZO6

Entrance to the Woodbridge Winery

How did we get to Robert Mondavi's?

Ahhh, down to business, tasting the grapa

Lots of familiar faces and backs!

Carol & Bill with Gary & Jan  -  Godspeed Jan

Lesley signing checks for the group while Teri looks on and offers encouragement

Mikey is hanging out with the Grahams

Robert and Bev

"Never trust a guy with two first names"

Nice shot of the Corvettes at Michael David's

Proletariat's parking

Lots of happy faces, must be the Corvettes

Same table from the other end

Another similar shot

Where did I leave my car?

Reds have it

Lorna & Daryl

John & Kathy

Teri with Mom's Corvette, maybe she can drive this time...

Entrance to Viaggio Winery on the Mokelumne River

Closer shot of the group as above