Little River Inn Run

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Little River Inn Run
Little River, CA
September 27 - 28
, 2015
Event Hosts:  Lorna & Daryl Partlow and Barbara & Dick Collier
Photos by John Reese

The mighty Pacific Ocean meets California

Why some folks prefer the coast route, it's cool

A little trail to the beach

Weekend destination

CPCC flying colors

The party takes place on the upper deck

The Party!

Partying in the dark and cold

Near sunset

Obligatory sunset shot from Party Central

Scene from the deck - that's some house on the point

The beach below the inn - lots of scuba divers start here

Kelp fields harbor marine life

The Little River Blow Hole - discovered by John Reese

Parking lot at Silver's at The Wharf

Nice mix of C5, C6, C7

Ron's Mighty ZO6

I spy Georges, Tom's and Chuck's

Marty's Mighty ZO6

A 6 between two 7s

Marty & Susan

Lucky Tom is enjoying the attention!

From the right, run hosts, Dick, Barb, Lorna, Daryl

Marty ALWAYS has a selfie to share

Susan and George

Kathy and Kathleen

Tom, Daryl, and Ron mugging it up

Pat and Don

Pat and Tom

Don & Susan

Les and Tom

Marty & Susan

Lorna and Karen


Cathleen & Phil

Vicki and Bob

Lorna has Tom laughing

Dick and Rick

Darrell & LaRee

Glenn & Mary Lou

Cheryl & Gary

Jon & Susan

Kathleen & Ron

Bob, Tom & Kathy

Don & Susan

Karen & Rick

Phil & Vicki

Daryl and Cathleen

Les & Pat

Barbara & George

Delores & Chuck

Marty & Susan

Lorna and Pat

Barb and Tom

Dick & Barb

Kathy and photographer John