Little River Run

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Little River Run
Little River, CA
September 28 & 29
Hosted by Daryl & Lorna Partlow and Dick & Barbara Collier

Photos by Barbara Collier, Dave Engle, Daryl Partlow, John Reese
(Scroll way down, lots of pictures)

Pit stop on the way to Little River - DP

Nice group of Corvetters - DP

Heading to the cars for the rest of the journey - DP

Little River Inn parking lot looking south - DE

Little River Inn parking lot from the south - DE

Unloading and kibitzing in the parking lot - DP

Ice machine and WiFi just across the way - DP

Jim with an empty glass - DP

Rick with his '07 Magnetic Red coupe - DP

The view most will see of Phil's blower Corvette - DP

Lulu in front of her namesake - DP

Jim and George Cheers - DP

The club banner for all to see - DP

Lulu in her room - DP

Dick and Tom enjoying some quiet time before the place started jumping - DP

Happy Birthday John with cakes and goodies - DP

Vicki, Daryl, Barb - DP

Les looking good - DP

Barb, Vicki, Daryl, Pat - DP

Daryl and George laughing it up - DP

Pat and Lulu having a good time - DP


Bev and Vicki having a chat - BC


Ann keeping warm in her CPCC jacket - BC


Cheers from Daryl - BC


Jon & Susan striking a pose - BC


Pat and Lorna all smiles - BC


Kathy officially in the corner - BC


Lulu and Sue sharing a moment - BC


Bob looking dapper - BC


Happy Birthday John - BC


Les a little on the dark side - BC


Lane & Sharon. Kiss Cam! - BC


Phil and Dick really on the dark side - BC


Mary is telling how it is - BC


Barbara not wanting to leave - BC


Kathleen our knitter - BC


Not sure if we have enough food - Again - BC


Susan and Marilyn sitting for a spell - BC


Gary & Cheryl Duncan - BC


Prez and Glenn yakking it up - BC

Mary Lou - BC

Balcony party from the lawn - JR

More from the underworld - JR

Tom and Dick having a good time - JR

Susan & Marty - JR

Pizza Line - DE

The pizza line was popular - DE

Sunset from the party balcony - DE

Dinner at Silver's at the Wharf in Noyo Harbor

This is where we had refreshments and dinner - JR

View of the harbor - JR

The parking lot at Silver's - JR

Jon's C6 in red of course - JR

Pete's ZO6 in red of course - JR

Phil's blower monster - JR

George's yellow beauty - JR

More of the line of Corvettes - JR

Another angle - JR

More Corvettes - Alan & Kim's front and center - JR

That's Chuck's yellow C4 - JR

Well stocked bar at Silver's - JR

Dick and Pat - JR

Daryl and Hollywood Bob - JR

The Ladies - Bev, Susan, Karen, Barb, Marilyn

Vicki & Tom

Cheers Pete - JR

It was close quarters at times - JR

Marilyn and Bev

Vicki and Lulu - JR

Marty & SUsan - JR

Dolores & Chuck - JR

Hollywood Bob and the dreadlocked barmaid - JR

Daryl and Dee - JR

Dave and John - JR

Cheryl & Gary - JR

Glenn & Mary Lou - JR

Susan & Marilyn - JR

Rick & Karen - JR

Another shot of John and Dave - JR

New Grandparents Kathleen & Phil - JR

George & Barbara - JR

Robert & Bev - JR

Marty & Susan - JR

Barb & Dick - JR

Tom & Vicki - JR

Pete & Ann - JR

Les & Pat - JR

Susan with Dee - JR

Jim with Jon - JR

Pat, Marty, Susan - JR

The real Bob & Mary - JR

Kim soloing it as Alan felt under the weather - JR

Chuck & Dolores - JR

Flo & Jerry - JR

Enjoying dinner and conversation - JR

Cheerleader Pat - JR

John & Kathy - JR

Jerry, Pat, Kim - JR

The dining room - JR

was brightly lighted - JR

All having a good time - JR