Little River Inn Run

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Little River Inn Run
September 30 October 1
CPCC Club Hosts Daryl & Lorna Partlow and Dick & Barbara Collier
Photos by John Reese, Daryl Partlow, and Anon.

First there was lunch in Bodega Bay at the Tides - don't know what's going on here...

Glenn & Mary Lou

Peggy Sue & Rob

Through all the racket in the restaurant, Abby slept calmly

Tom & Vicki

Dick & Barb

Ann & Pete

Flo & Jerry

Cathleen & Phil

George & Barb

Les & Pat

Darryl looks much better here

On the way up the coast, we traversed several Tsunami zones - crossing creeks and rivers in canyons where the
road is at sea level

This is THE place

It was a bit stormy Sunday evening - Corvettes got wet!

This photo and the one above taken from the party deck

Uh John, that's a bathrobe, not a raincoat

Phil and Barb

Jon and Daryl

Setting up, Glenn making sure it's done right

Say Hi Vicki

Les is explaining to Bob

Got it Bob?

Jon is eyeing Bob

The "girls" were having a very good time!

Susan, Kathy, Pat

Cathleen, Lorna, Mary laughing it up

We all wondered about the house out there

Bob's non-Corvette

Foreground Pat's 100 Anniversary, Reese's spanking new GS

Nothing looks as good as a C3

Did I just say that about C3s?

Our lineup, including the SUVs

Ann, Karen and Rob checking the view

Hi Lorna, Susan, Vicki.  Having a good time?

Now it's the boys, Tom, Bob, Glenn, while Vicki looks on

Dave brought the pizza, and it went fast

Flo, photographer

Karen and Rob are watching...

Abby, Peggy Sue's service doggie

Monday was sunny and warm

Hanging out in Mendocino

Parking at the Wharf for our big dinner party

George's GS

Glenn's '10 (like Bo Derek?)

Reese's new baby - rained on on it's first outing

Phil's Corvette with (gasp) the top up!

Peggy Sue, Rob, Phil

George & Barb

Lorna and Susan

Jerry, Kathleen

It looks like Mary doesn't want in the picture

Susan, Lorna and the gang

Pete & Ann

What a happy looking group of ladies, Lorna, Vicki, Pat

Marilyn & Dave

Les and Tom

Les is wondering what happened to this piece of bread

Susan & Jon

Kathy, Rick, Karen

Nice shot - Rick & Karen

Dick & Barb

Peggy Sue & Rob


I'm just waiting for my C7 to arrive

You know who

Cathleen, Flo

Two of three tables

The rest of the gang

It was a fun and loud in there

Good that we had a room to ourselves

Pete & Ann again

Three beauties

Susan & Jon

Glenn & Mary Lou

Our tireless photographer - Thanks for all your hard work John! 

And Happy Birthday

There is a happy looking guy for sure