Wine Tasting Party

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Wine Tasting Party
Les's & Pat's -
Rescue, CA

October 25
Hosted by Les & Pat Oesterreich

Photos by Daryl & Lorna Partlow

A grand time was had by all!

Daryl sandwich with Mary & Bob

Mary had a very good time

Marilyn and "Marty"

Susan, Jon, Vicki

Pat with Susan

Dick and Bob refueling

Lavonne and Judi laughing it up

The guys were more subdued

Dave and Dennis

Chuck and Glenn

Patty and Kathy

Big Jon in his Giants colors

Patty joined the guys for a bit

The serious World Series watchers were upstairs

Judi, Pat, "Marty"

Susan & Jon still there with Vicki

This was the noisy World Series crowd

Dolores & Chuck

Hi Lavonne

Dennis with Lavonne and Lorna

Susan & John


Mary, Patty, Ann, Karen

Mary, Judi, Patty

The fire helped keep it warm outside

Many world problems were solved by this group

Susan & Marty, Marilyn & Dave

Tom, Alan, Barb & Dick, Judi and Kevin in the background

Judi, Kevin, Bob, and Ken's back

Daryl, Grace, Chuck

Mary and Kathy

Susan and Jon