Lguna Seca Race Weekend

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Monterey Grand Prix
May 1 - 3
, 2015
Club Host Glenn Carlisle and John Reese

Photos by
Marty Keylon and John Reese

Some lucky Corvette owners got to drive 5 laps on the track

Up the hill

To the crest


#4 On the track

Sister car #3

Corvette Daytona Prototype

To learn more about Corvette Racing LINK

Doug Fehan - Team Manager

 Oliver Gavin, Tommy Milner, Antonio Garcia and Jan Magnusson

Oliver Gavin, Tommy Milner, and Antonio Garcia

Jan Magnusson close up

In the pits - sure is clean

More pits

Part of the track

A different angle

Best way to get around the track

Kathy at the reserved dinner table

A bit blury shot of Kathy, John, Glenn, Mary Lou

Happy Corvetters - Kathy & Kevin and Marty & Susan


Darrell & LaRee

Marty & Susan

Kathy & John

Glenn & Mary Lou

These DPs are real race cars

Corvette DP chasing a Corvette - Perfect!


Some right front fender battle damage

Corvette chasing LMP

Corvette Corral

Another shot of the Corvette Corral


Susan & Marty admiring #4

The ultimate gift, a C7R car cover so your Corvette will look like...

...the race cars.  Said to cost only $1,200!

Is this the 2017 Corvette?