June Birthday Party

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June Birthday Party
Sportsman's Hall - Pollock Pines
June 19
, 2014
Club Host - Marty Keylon
Photos by John Reese

Meeting was at the Schnell School, in Placerville - early arrivals got the shade

A C6 ZO6 surrounded by Stingrays

Lavonne's Grand Sport

Two Silver C7s

Jim Brady's War Bonnet Yellow '71 Coupe


Left to right - Cook's Blue, George's, Robert's

That's Jerry & Flo's pretty blue Grand Sport, not sure about the others

Owner is standing way in the background checking out Marty's Mild 2 Wild exhaust

Another view of Jim's beauty

This is where we ate - they closed off the parking lot for just us!

Hosts Susan & Marty

Susan & Jon

Mikey & Diane

Tom & Kathy

Linda & Bob

Marilyn & Dave

Kathy and Mary Lou enjoying the party

Skol George, and Lorna

Lorna & Daryl

John & Sue

Flo & Jerry

Delores & Chuck

Dennis & Dori

Ann & Pete

New member Rich Niehaus and Robert

Lavonne and Judy

Patty having a good time with Lavonne

Lane & Sharon

Rick & Karen

Les & Pat

Gary & Cheryl

Jim & Judi - his '71 is featured above

Michele & Ryan

Tom & Vicki - Tom got to drive Vicki's Corvette today!

Mary Lou & Glenn

Parking lot at the Sportsman's Hall

The SUV is not ours

Jim's letting his new engine cool down

Grab your sun glasses, it's bright and beautiful

In the shade

White dominates here

Route C6 is John's