July 2007 Fun

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July 2007 Fun

Run to the Overland Hotel in Gardnerville, NV
In leiu of the Corvettes at Tahoe
Hosted by John & Kathy Reese

Rest stop on Highway 88

Black and Red ZO6 twins

Yellow has it here

Sorta waiting in line...

Another ZO6, John's this time


Club's Fourth of July Picnic
Sly Park, El Dorado County
Hosted by Barbara Collier and Keith Becky
Great BBQ, Keith!

Waiting patiently for the BBQ goodies to be ready



Dessert Table :)

This is a happy, sated bunch

Happy Birthday America!

Vicki & Tom are having a good time!

Hi Bob, George, John, and Jack

Happy Birthday Mike!

Serving Birthday cake

Yea Annette

The food is finished, the work is done, all that's left is to head for home...

Photos by Anonomous