July 4th Picnic

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July 4th Picnic
Gold Ridge Forest - Pollock Pines CA 
July 3rd, 2016

Club Hosts - Jim & Judi Brady and Dan & Helena Christopherson

Photos by John Reese

Setting up ...

Richard making sure everything is AOK

Good To Go!

The Pre-Dinner

Richard and Tom talking it over

Host Dan

Pat Pava

Chuck, Lorna, and Jane

Kathy and Susan

Eileen, Mary Lou, and LaRee

Dolores, Ann, and Marilyn

Pat and Daryl

Lavonne, Lorna, Pat, and Daryl

Dick and Dave

Vicki and Host Jim

Mary and Sherry

Hostesses Helena and Judi

Marty and Dennis

Susan, Lorna, Marty, and Pat

A Festive Picnic

Dave & Marilyn

Susan, Don, and Sherry (all eating)

Jane & Arne

Sherry and Mary

Eileen, Marty, and Dennis

Kathy and Kevin

Bob and Ron

Dan and Barbara


Barbara, Dick, and Dave

Lorna and Pat

Pat and Daryl

Kathy and Tom


Tom and Rick

Dolores and Chuck

Helena and Marty

Helena and Susan



Jim and Dolores

Jane and Arne