4th of July Picnic

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4th of July Picnic
Gold Ridge Forest - Pollock Pines, CA     
July 4
, 2015
Club Hosts  Judi & Jim Brady

Marty Keylon (some with Vicki's iPad) and Eddie Pesce

BIG THANKS to Judi & Jim for al the work they did to make this party happen!!!!

Party host and road captain Jim explains the route he will lead us on

Everybody listens up

Nice hat and T George

Marty and the other ladies listen in so there will be no lost drivers

Hold your hands behind you?

May Lou needs shade

Les seems to be holding a model C5 by the front fenders

Patty, Barb, Cheryl

It was pretty hot standing around

That's Dick

Sue & John

Hard working Judi getting dinner set up - there was a LOT of chow

It was a festive 4th


Lovely patriotic glasses ladies

Pat and Barb - Before


Plenty of seating, food, and good times

Standing around?

Jon's telling Mary something - think they remember now?

There is Richard & Eileen

Dave & Marilyn are having a GREAT time

As is Sue

John and Eddie enjoying the day too

Eddie & Cheryl

Mary Lou & Glenn, Host Jim, Kathy

Happy Fourth of July Ladies!

Flo & Jerry, Karen & Rick

Dick, Lavonne, Tom