January Birthday Dinner

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January Birthday Dinner
January 21st
Hosted by Patty McCoy

Photos by Marty Keylon, Patty McCoy, and John Reese

The Birthday Bunch - Dennis, Karen, Carol, George - Happy Birthday to ALL

Lorna and Susan

The club's designated photographer John Reese is having a great time

As usual, lots of smiles from the regulars

And on the other side of the room, same smiles

Dueling cameras

and iPads

Somebody straighten that hanging wall art, it makes me dizzy

John is getting around

Two birthdays here, Karen and Carol

LaRee, Dori & Dennis

Hey Marty!

"Have a taste of my ice cream"

Dennis, Rick

Rick & Karen

Carol and George

Jim Bryant's ribs

Jim & Dee

Some folks are still waiting

Hi Rick

Darrell and Glenn

Tom & Vicki

Patty and Judy

V8 Dave & Marilyn

Dennis and Bill

Susan & Marty

Daryl & Lorna

LaRee and Dori

Kathy and Mary Lou

Lane with Dee

Susan & Jon

Bob & Mary - if you don't know this couple, you're not paying attention

The Birthday Gang - sans hats