January Birthdays Party

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January Birthdays Celebration Dinner
Cattlemens Restaurant
Hosted by Patty McCoy & Mikey Cobel
Photo by John Reese and Patty McCoy

Birthday Boy George
(no no, not THAT boy george)

Birthday Boy Dennis

Nice backrest Lorna!

Bob & Mary, Susan & Jon

Bob & Mary

Eileen & Richard

Dennis & Marty

Daryl & Lorna

Dee with George

Jim & Dee

Mikey and Vicki

Patty, Mikey, Vicki

Ann & Pete

Dennis & Dori

Mary Lou with Vicki

Glenn & Mary Lou

Marty & Susan

Kathy & John

Carol & Bill

The wait staff and guests sing to the lucky celebrants

More fun times

Daryl & Lorna, Dennis & Marty, Eileen & Richard

Jim & Dee next to George