Jake's On The Lake 2016

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Jake's On The Lake
Tahoe City, CA
June 18
, 2016
Event Host:  Kevin Hatten
Photos by Vicki Braithwaite and Marty Keylon

The Venue

A Special Menu, Just For Us

Gathering at Walmart

Or is everyone just getting a haircut?

At the Rest Stop

Is it legal to drag race in the parking lot?

Tom and Ken comparing notes

Ron and Sherry were there...

Bob and Mary enjoying their dessert

Dennis and Dave on the lower deck

Betty, Kathy, Kathy's brother Ned, and Gary

Nice View Huh?

Bev, Robert, Karen, and Rick

also Allen, Kim, Pat, and Les

Marty, Susan, Dick, and Barb

Ken, Marty, Mary, and Bob

Pete, Kevin's daughter Kellie, Kevin, Ken, Sandra, Sandy, and Bruce

Don, Cathleen, Phil, and Susan

Tom, Vicki, Sherry, and Ron

Susan and Les talking it over in the parking lot