2 Fall 2006 Ice House Runs

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Fall 2006 Ice House Run #1
September 10, 2006
Sponsored by Bob Naylor

Roger at the bar

Bob needs another

View from inside the restaurant

Going up to the look out tower

Cheryl and part of Bill

The gathering

Going home

Flo stung by a bee

This is where it's at!

The lookout

Looking down from the tower

Union Valley Lake

Photos by Donna Campbell & John Reese

Fall 2006 Ice House Run #2
October 15, 2006
Sponsored by Bob Naylor


Foggy morning gathering for the run...

It looks colder than it was

Foggy start

Still liquid sunshine!

First stop - Stumpy Meadows

Tire kicking...

Hey Bill

Nice view


Inspecting Tom's chrome

Milling around the yellow car

Tom's engine, the object of our gaze

Well preserved interior

Just Vettes & pickups

Red & yellow

John has something most everybody wants to see


Hangin' out

Takin' a break

Some of the gathering

Bob, Cheryl, Bill, Stan

Peaceful Stumpy Meadows lake

Mike's new Z06 - Where is the GM badge?

Lined up outside the Ice House Inn

What is Cheryl telling John?

Mostly all Vettes here

And here

Our favorite subject

Patty is telling a story...

Happy diners

From the other end of the room

The brothers are waitin' to eat

Say "Cheese!"

Patty, John, Kim, Jeff having a good time

Cheers! Bill

Ron & Vicky

Shan and Cheryl

Below the lookout tower

Hi Rick, Karen

Serious business!

The fire chopper on Big Hill Lookout

Tour guide!

Joe, Bob, John

Another chopper flying by as we look east

Photos by Bill & Cheryl Leddington, Shannon Anderson, John Reese