First Ice House Run - 2009

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June 13, 2009
Event Host - Bob & Donna Naylor
Photos below by Donna Naylor - scroll sideways, there are 20 pictures in this slideshow.

Hanging out waiting for all to arrive

We know who this is

Corvette road!

I see two C3s!

This is fun

Stop sign in Lotus

Coming into Georgetown?

Hi Bob!

Stumpy Meadows Lake

Our hosts Bob & Donna

My passenger for the day posing with me.

Bob & Brian

Lined up for a photo op

Donna and Patty

Julia, Mary and Susan enjoying the day

Rob and son Matt in the foreground, each drove a nice C3

Happy faces waiting for lunch

Kathy & John

Outside the Ice House Resort

Headed up to the fire lookout

Some of the folks wondered how big Stumpy Meadows lake is.  Here is a view from Google Earth. 
I measured the lake with the Earth measuring tool; it is about 1.8 miles long.  The parking lot is <400".
I circled the parking lot so you could get an idea of the size of the lake compared to the parking lot.

 Photos below by John Reese - scroll sideways, there are 26 pictures in this slideshow.

Cars at the meeting place

More cars at the meeting place

A very nice '82, Rob & Peggy Sue's

And another '82, Matt's

Mark & Julia's


Stumpy Meadows parking lot. This is just a small part of it. See photo above the slide show

Taking a breather and catching up on all the news

Bob & Mary's

Way in the distance are the orange floating barriers surrounding the spillway. You can just see them in the Google Earth photo above

Bob and Jack

What is good for lunch, John and Carmen?

Decisions, decisioins...

What's up, Patty?

Susan is still deciding while Julia already knows what she's having

smile Jon

Waiting for lunch

Staff meeting!

Another nice shot of Mark & Julia's

The parking lot. One car is ready for a quick getaway

Two more ready to rip

View from the lookout mountain

The helicopter wasn't there, too early in the season

Red and yellow, bright

Corvettes everywhere

It was a little cool up there