Hooters All Corvette Show

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Hooters All Corvette Show
April 4
, 2015
Club Host Dennis Humphrey

Photos by
Marty Keylon, John Reese, Anon., and Drone Operator

This is w
here the Corvette show was held - in case you didn't know

New member Eddie's brand new Stingray

Eddie's from the back - and he took home a trophy

Ken's GS

Kevin's Precision Red '05

Dennis' beauty

The "Blue Bitch" from the back




Marty's Mighty ZO6


And Bob's

Pete's ZO6


Yellow C7 ZO6


The "girls" mingled with the cars and guys

Typical lineup of newer generations

This is for styling, not serious corner carving

Blue Angels tribute

The Eagle was there all day

Tom's friend's new ZO6

Another shot of the ZO6

Part of CPCC lineup


Part of the CPCC lineup showing off our logo

Nice C6 ZO6

and a C7 ZO6

Kevin with some of the Hooters girls

Dennis and Ken sharing the spotlight

Marty gets his turn

As does Bob

And Jan, who copped a trophy too

Unmanned 'copter (drone) with camera on board - Shots below

Registration for show on right

That's the Eagle for 96.9 FM in the center - CPCC cars on left

Dennis with some of the guys and CPCC cars across the center of photo

Overall view of the show

CPCC Cars second (center) and third row (left)


Left to right:  Rob - President's Choice, Jan - People's Choice 1st, Eddie - People's Choice 2nd