Hooked on Driving

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Hooked on Driving
Thunderhill Raceway, CA
October 14 - 15,
Event Host - Glenn Carlisle
Photos and Captions by Eddie Pesce - Day One  ---  John Reese - Day Two

Day One - Drive up, Lunch, Parade Laps

Lineup of some of the club's Corvettes

Track The club girls who wanted to go fast with their husbands on the track

 Friend, Ken, Kevin, John

John telling a story

Maxwell street scene with Corvettes

Lots of wild life at the Maxwell Inn

CPCC folks at the luncheon

Some of us during lunch and presentation

About 170 participants

Another shot of CPCC table

Buzz, pres. of WSCC, Dave CHIPPER

Leaving Maxwell Inn

Corvettes took over the town of Maxwell

Corvettes took over the town of Maxwell - II

Corvettes and CPCC members everywhere

Eddie's Stingray in exclusive parking area

John's all masked up

We arrive at Stoneyford

An extra set of race tires, how novel


The guys kibitzing

Stoneyford citizens treat us special

Bobby is that really you?

About 150 Corvettes needed to park somewhere

Overwhelming Stoneford

A beautiful and fun event

Corvettes on the track

The group on the track

Lowell from Santa Clara Corvettes

David Ray, owner of Hooked on Driving

Hooked on Driving Schedule


Day Two - Track Time

There are a LOT of Corvettes here today

Another angle

Darren Law, International Porsche driver

Able Chevrolet's Rich - On to Optima Challenge in Las Vegas

Rich's pit

Corvette Care C4

Well mod'ed interior

And mod'ed engine bay

No parking brake!

C6 ZO6

C7 ZO6

Let the Prancing Horse run


CPCC's Bob Wheatley in Car A21


Rob was there too

Rob's pit

Rob on the track

And again Rob

They spread out a bit, but Rob is near the front