2 Lunch Runs - New GS

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Hindquarter Lunch Run
November 24th

CPCC Club Hosts - John & Kathy Reese
Photos by Ken Cleek

Before getting to the Hindquarter run, Photographer Ken put together an impromptu
lunch run on Friday, Nov. 22nd at Rudy's Hideaway to celebrate his birthday and to show off his
new Grand Sport!
Happy Birthday Ken, and Congratulations on your new Corvette

The new addition to the Cleek family (we need more photos)

Kevin and Glenn are admiring an interloper by the Corvette lineup

Sunday John & Kathy led the group here

Starting with Lorna wearing striped sweater, Dick, Mary Lou, Kevin, Kathy, Mary, Linda (foreground), Rick's head,
Dee, Jim, Glenn, Lesley

Another angle

Center, Dee & Jim with host John, hands on hips and Rick in profile

Lunch lineup

Another shot