Ft. Bragg Mid-Week Run

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Ft. Bragg Run - Hosted by John & Kathy Reese - Thanks for the great run
Photos by Vicki Braithwaite and John Reese - Thanks Vicki - Thanks John

Hosts John & Kathy's Mean ZO6

Daryl & Lorna got a new Corvette - Cool, opps HOT color

I'll bet Teri wishes it was hers

Mom, can I borrow the keys?

Cute photo of Teri and mom

Nice line up of fiberglass!

George is ready to go

Les is looking cool by his ZR1

Lunch stop in Bodega Bay

Folks look happy

Must be the Partlow's new ride!

Wish fulfillment -  and doesn't she look happy to be driving a Corvette

Nice line of Corvettes

Home Sweet Home for the night anyway

Corvette Parking Only

Noyo Harbor, a real working fishing port and dinner stop

The Highway 1 bridge over the inlet to Noyo Harbor

Dinner stop

Bob & Mary looking good!

Daryl looks pleased to have driven his new Corvette on this run, and his shirt matched his car

Cheers, Daryl, Glenn & Mary Lou

Vicki, Teri, Katy, and Lorna

Hosts - John & Kathy

L to R.  Bob, Mary, Lorna, Daryl, Vicki, George, John, Kathy, Pat, Les, Mary Lou, Glenn

From the other end of  the table - you know them all now!

Teri and Vicki enjoying a weekend together