Freeport Inn Wine Run

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 Freeport Inn Wine Run
Sunday March 24
Club Hosts Patty McCoy & Mike Cobel
Photos by Vicki Braithwaite  Thanks Vicki

Freeport Inn where lunch was served

Parking by the levee in Freeport

Drove my Chevy to the levee...

Tom & Vicki

Bev, Mary, Kevin

Food to clean the palate

The lady in Red offering wine to taste

George's new Hot Wheels

Patty & Mike with Ken and his brother

Bob has 10

Milling around the parking lot

Dennis, John, Glenn, and Bob on right

Bob, George & Barb

Bob with his iPhone and Tom

Mary and the Cleek boys

Bev & Robert

Ken and his brother enjoying the day

Kathy &  Kevin

Glenn & Mary

Marty & Dennis

Dennis & Dori

Susan & John

Reward for hosting the run

Photographer Vicki, Marty, and Mary