2015 Event Planning Meeting

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2015 Event Planning Meeting
January 18th
Hosted by Vicki & Tom Braithwaite

Photos by John Reese

Bev's smile is for Robert too

Dennis is not worried, he is probably cold

John & Sue, Susan

Mary getting a hug from Daryl

George kept order most of the day

Vicki ran the calendar...

... with Barb's assistance

Meanwhile Pete, Patty, and Marty weathered the cold

Susan and Mary watched closely, while Mary Lou kept notes

Kathy and Judi look like they have had enough of this California weather

Helena bravely stood the entire time so recovering Dan could rest his weary bones

Neither Bill or Carol look to be cold

Nice large calendar pages to log all the events

And Lorna took notes too

I didn't do this George, honest

Up on the porch it was noticeably balimer

Secretary Lorna practicing her craft

Where are the happy faces?