Event Planning Meeting

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Event Planning Meeting for 2013
January 19,
Event Hosts - Tom & Vicki Braithwaite
Photos by Vicki Braithwaite and John Reese

Folsom's Corvette only parking

More Corvette parking

Meeting location

Bob & Mary say HI!

Marilyn, Patty, Marty, Lorna, Kathleen

Robert & Bev

Phil, Dennis, Tom, John, Mikey, Pete, Daryl, Jon

Marilyn, Barb, Dave

Daryl hugs Barb

Hosts Vicki & Tom, also Ann & Pete

Marilyn & Dave, Jon & Susan

Bill & Carol packin' their stuff

Jon stayed inside while the rest of us Planned

Vicki is ready with her planning calander

This is a great venue for having a meeting - in January no less

Happy Birthday George!!

This is serious stuff folks

Lorna poised with pen at the ready

Daryl and Barb in the sun

Mikey is keeping tabs on Vicki

Patty and Pete taking notes

Cathleen & Phil

Dennis & Marty, Cathleen

Tom and Trooper

Nobody was ready for a dip

Bill is busy tracking the dues paid today

Phil checking out some dinner spots in the area

Notes are taken for the Events page

Despite the serious looks, everybody had fun

Especially Bob

Bill is still at it