Empire Mine Run April 2006

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Hosted by John & Kathy Reese

Ready to leave - 8 Corvettes '69 through '06

The Graham's new ride

Stonehouse restaurant - lunch was sumptuous

Stonehouse parkinglot with Chevrolet's finest

No doubt what we're here for...

Parking lot at Empire Mine. Ron is making sure the cars are secure.

The Clubhouse where entertainment was provided and guests could stay.

Machine shop - it contains many working tools used to keep the mine running for 106 years.

The mine offices were in here.

The unseen docent explained everything very well.

We're following the docent - our "group" wasn't exclusive to CPCC

Does anybody remember what this building was used for?

We're on the incline into the depths of the mine

The docent was explaining how the cars that the miners rode into and out of the mine were controlled by a long cable

Ore was brought up the same way. Part of a car can be seen at the lower center right of the photo

Mules would be taken into the mine and live up to 30 years working in near total darkness.

If they were brought to the surface their eyes had to be protected.

Photos by George Goolsby & John Reese
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