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Delta Tour Saturday
Oct 20th, 2012
Event Host Dave &
Marilyn Engle
Photos by Susan Svilich and John Reese
.  Thanks Susan!  Thanks John!

After a nice drive along the levee roads to Rio Vista, we had lunch at the Foster's Big Horn,
then on to the Western Railway Museum near Suisun City.  A fun time was had by all.

"Parking" at McDonald's on Pocket Road, where our two groups met

Hangin' out in Rio Vista waiting for some excitement

Parking in in Rio Vista is no problem on a Saturday

An impressive sight, but...

John, Kathy, Sue, John, Kevin, Kathy, Gloria, Winston, Mary Lou, Glenn

Pete, Ann, Marilyn, Dave, Karen, Rick, Lavonne, Bob, Mary, Jon

Mikey, Patty, George, Marty, Dennis

Dennis & Marty leaving after lunch

It isn't a ghost town, just looks like on except for the Corvettes

Mikey & Patty leaving - Bye Patty

What a lineup!  Cook's, Graham's, somebody's red, Reese's yellow, etc.

Our destination for a tour back in time in Streetcar History

All of us except Susan who is behind the camera - Thanks Susan!

Part of the gang - it was a bit windy - Susan's in the plaid shirt

Spare parts!

We took a ride on a 101 year old street car from Berkeley
If you're good you can spot several CPCCers from the back

Mary & Bob in foreground, other familiar faces in among the crowd

Somehow I got the motorman to laugh

Marilyn & Dave, hosts of the run

Ann & Pete

Mary Lou & Glenn

Mary, Lavonne, Bob

Pete and Jon having fun in an old S.F. Muni streetcar

Susan & John taking a break in the depot waiting room

Some amusing streetcar ads follow

Ah yes, the doctor said smoking Lucky Strikes was GOOD for you

I remember this stuff, tasted pretty good too

Now really

Was a household name way back when - no CFLs on this streetcar

If you say so...

This is a "boat car" from Australia.  I remember seeing it cruise Market St. in San Fran in the 70's & 80's

Some not-so-pretty rolling stock housed here waiting for restoration

The Western Railway Museum is sited beside a very large wind farm - when built out could power the city of Fresno!
 Those arms are each ~100 feet long, and make one rotation ~every 5 seconds