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Daffodil Hill Lunch Run
March 25th, 2007
Hosted by George Goolsby & Barbara Rodgers

Hanging out waiting to start the run

More of the gathering at the start

Driver's Meeting

Bill checking out Vettes

Lower level parking filled

The first wave leaves...

... and leaves

Through the rear window of a convertible

On Latrobe Road

Through Amador

We have arrived!

The dusty parking lot at the hill

Bill & Merrilee arriving

A blind man giving directions

Another blind man

Getting things sorted out in the parking area

And Vettes, of course

More Vettes

And more Vettes

Still more Vettes

Sher and Julia

Yes, it's 5 o'clock somewhere

Hanging out here and looking at cars was popular

... And saying "HI!" tho the folks you missed at the start

Pea Fowl showing off

"Normal" mode

What Pea Fowl do on their days off

The "clean" part of the lot at Daffodil Hill

No dust here

Barbara, Roger and Donna enjoying the flowers

Flowers, flowers everywhere...

Mary & Bob enjoying the view

It's really a peaceful setting

Darla & John enjoying the garden

Here comes Janet

Nice barn


Barbara, don't you waste my shots

Ring or daffodils

Donna and Barbara say"Hi!"

Daffodil Flowers

And a shed

More flowers

Mark & Julia teaching John & Darla the Hoochi-Choochi

At the St. George Hotel, "Will the Meeting please come to order!"

Retired guys rule

Table number 1

Table number 2

And Table number 3. We were a big crowd!

Backs to the Harley crowd

Roger, Bob, Bill

Same guys, different angle

Photos and some captions by George Goolsby, Barbara Rodgers, Donna Campbell, Cheryl Leddington, and Ron Niemi
Thanks to all of you for contributing