Yosemite & Death Valley

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Run to Mammoth, Death Valley, etc.
, CA
September 28 & 29
Hosted by John & Kathy Reese

Photos by John Reese

Looking up in Yosemite Valley

Carved by glaciers 10,000 years ago - climate change?

Corvettes like getting here

Belongs to John & Kathy's guests Russ & Laurie Colombo

Glenn and Cheryl enjoying the valley

This appears to be El Capitan

Taking a break

John's, Gary's

Cracked granite near the top of the world

Taking a break in the thin air

This is the "high country"

Parking at Scottie's Castle

Officially known as Death Valley Ranch

One of Mr. Johnson's Packards - he financed the castle

Motive power circa 1930

Back of  the ranch house

Scenic tower

Turned slightly left from previous photo

The "living room" - fireplace shows use

Mr. Johnson's gun collection

Dinnerware for formal occassions

One of the small bedrooms

Court yard - top of tower just visible upper left

Another fireplace

Controls for the "player" organ, with rolls on the right

Organ keyboard center left

Coming home on route 89 - Mary Lou checking the view

Looking down on the upper reaches of the Owens Valley

Lots of BUGS!