Fire Department Crab Feed

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CP Fire Department Crab Feed
February 23, 2013
Event Hosts - George Goolsby & Barbara Rogers
Photos by Barbara Collier and Vicki Braithwaite (with iPhones)

Peggy Sue, Kathy, and Rob "suited" up for the feed

Finally, after the salad and pasta, we got crab

Back from the desert, Les & Pat - good to see you!

Barbara won a shirt - Vicky Neibauer CPCSD Director on the left

Mary won one too

John, Les & Pat hard at work

Dick sans bib, brave guy

Our Prez, and her hubby

Ya couldn't get enough of the crab

Stopped by to say "Hello"

Peggy Sue's friend bussed several tables

Jack & Jane having a good time

And now that the crab is served...

It's a lot of work to get the meat out

Eileen & Richard

Vicki & Tom

Share with me

We were at a different table

With our friend Jo

Some of the ladies at our table, Ellie, Rhea, and Mona

Carmen, Barbara, Naomi were also at our table

Vicki posing with the firefighters

Pete, Firefighter Lindsay, and Jack