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Corvette Care Open House 2012
April 28th 2012
Event Host Dick Collier, Keith Becky & the crew at Corvette Care
Photos by Dick Collier - Thanks Dick!

There are 41 photos, so allow time to load, and be sure to scroll to the end.
While this is more than the usual number of photos for an Event Photo page, I felt
that the amazing number of Corvettes in the shop and showroom of Corvette Care,
plus the large number of Corvettes that owners brought to add to the party atmosphere
made it worth it to showcase the event.  As you can see, Corvette Care's facilities are neat
 and clean, they are packed with Corvettes on display and there are plenty of cars being worked on.

From the red car on to the right, this is the CPCC lineup

As the lot filled, Corvettes parked way down here.  That's Dennis looking at Corvettes

Daryl checking out a C5ZO6 convertible - yep custom

Dawn's in the middle serving hors d'oeuvres

Jeff & Kim's sweet '78 Pace Car

Some of the overflow parking

In the back, Keith has his smoker fixin' delish tri-tip & pulled pork - Yum!

Tables for enjoying Keith's handiwork

The showroom

Gotta love that cool '57

The two C2s are NCRS winners, note the blue ribbon - Rob and Robert chatting

Another shot of the showroom

In the side, customer cars waiting stuff

Three beauties, C5ZO6, ZR-1 and ~'79

Early C2 body off custom frame with a LS3 and 6 speed

Same car from the rear, cool stainless tank set for FI

Rear suspension work on a C2

Corvettes in various states of repair, modification or whatever

Just been painted?

Keith's '58 in the center foreground

From the other side of the shop

Winston and Dennis lookin' around

Talk about a kid in a candy store!

C2 with modern tubular suspension arms and rack & pinion steering

'58-'60 body on a rotisserie

The band - 2nd Time Around

Our own Daryl, formerly of the Kingsmen (Louie-Louie) lending a hand

That's them

Supercharging one way

Supercharging via Edelbrock

Supercharging with a centrifugal blower

Supercharging the GM way

Supercharging the GM way, dressed up

Nice '65

The CPCC Old Guys relaxing in the shade - Pete, George, Phil, Bob, Bill

George's yellow yellow

Side parking, nice C5 coupe

The owner of this '59-'60 is a mechanical fuel injection guru

'72 C3 and a wild C2

Phillip is the tall guy in the middle

A lineup of C2s & C3s