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Christmas Party - Page 2
December 1st, 2012
Party Hosts:  Vicki Braithwaite and Barbara Collier
A BIG Thank You to Barb and Vicki - it was a GREAT party!!!

Photos by Patty McCoy and Daryl Partlow

Raffle tickets had to be "prepared" for placing in the gift bags as Jane and George are doing

A common sight early on, walking around with a string of raffle tickets

John taking Daryl's picture while Kathy and Dennis look on

Mary & Glen, Sandra & Ken

Susan and Marty checking out the "guitar"

Tom, Lorna, Mikey, Teri, Vicki

Dawn, Keith, Dick

The bar setup

John took a LOT of pictures

Eileen, Barbara, George, Jane

Joe, Judy, Gary, and his friend

Mikey & Patty

Dick, Pete, Barb, Phil (bonus question, how many Corvettes does this group own?)

Lorna in the foreground, Barb and Eileen

Whatcha doin' Barbara?

Marty & Dennis, Mikey

Mikey & Patty (another bonus question, why is he called Mikey?)

Marty, Mikey & Patty

This is early, not many gifts on the tables behind Mary and Sandra

Susan and Lorna chatting happily

Aha, they realized the camera was on them

Full length dresses, very classy

Sandra & Ken enjoying the festivities

Another early photo, no appetizers yet, just a few drinks on the tables

Carol enjoying her hors d'oeuvres while Gary looks on

Susan has hors d'oeuvres on her plate, as does Phil in the background

Jane and Karen pause in their conversation

Hey Kathy, finally a picture of you

Debbie & mike mugging it up

Still at it

A good laugh out of Vicki, while Linda checks her tickets