Christmas Party 2011

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December 10, 2011
Event Hosts - Vicki Braithwaite and Barbara Collier
Photos by Vicki Braithwaite

Today's Special Event is on the Executive level

Table decoration

Teri and her little helper

Teri our mixologist is ready to serve

Keith has his cooker fired up and is preparing our dinner

Co-Hostess Vicki, Mary and Keith

Our Prez and his First Lady

Bob & Linda Rye

Tom and Robert enjoying the good cheer

Kathy & John

Co-Hostess Barbara & Dick aka Corvette Care Guru

Michele & Skip, dancer extraordinaire

Phil, Tom and Kathleen enjoying "cocktail hour"

Carol and Maui Mikey

Tom & Vicki

Teri and Barbara having fun with their antlers

George & Barbara

Debbie & Mike

Patty, Patty, Patty

Pre-dinner getting acquainted as the party gets underway

Skip is one heck of a dancer in those cowboy boots, Barb and Ann agree

The Fischbachs are good too

More dance floor action, the ladies are diggin' it

Not everybody danced all the numbers

Peggy Sue is looking good and Rob agrees

The DJ who did a GREAT job keeping is entertained