Christmas Party

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Christmas Party - December 7, 2013
CPCC Club Hosts - Barbara Collier and Vicki Braithwaite
Photos by
Barbara Collier, John Reese, and Patty McCoy

The Birthday Girls - Both on Dec. 7th!

Bill and Daryl, leaders of the pack


The bar, Erick & Terry

Lorna, Patty, Susan

This is snow country folks

It was very icy, difficult to walk to the cars

One of two Corvettes at the party, Ken's new Grand Sport
Lavonne brought her GS convertible!

Keith may have been freezing, but he didn't care, he was headed to PV the next day

John and Rick, with Jon center rear

Mike & Debbie

Gary and Barb

Carole & Tom

Barb taking iPhone photos - see the first four at top

Carol and Sue

Dee & Jim

Richard & Eileen

Mary Lou & Glenn

Bob & Linda

Our Co-Hostesses - Job Well Done!

Kevin, Mikey, Ken & Sandra both with the new Corvette Smile

Dennis, Phil, Mikey

Jon & Susan

Kevin, Ken, Dennis, Sandra

Tom, Jim, Marty - two out of three guys own C3s!

Judi and Susan

Lorna and Lavonne

Pete and Dick

Allen, Les, Pat

Dick and Daryl

Allen and the birthday girls, Pat & Lorna

 Rosemary & Gary

Tom & Vicki

Susan & John

Foreground Bob & Linda, second row Patty, Pete, Ann Phil, Ken

The cake says it all

Lavonne taking photos - she brought her Corvette too

Barb with her haul

Before dinner

Nice present, Susan

Dick got a clock

You can see it to his left

Dennis and his Bloody Mary mix

What did Richard & Eileen get?

Bartender Teri scored a grill

While Kim hauled off a slow cooker

Nice tie Jim!

Tom is headed toward the prizes

It was a fun time

Nice blanket, Les

You're looking kind of concerned there Rick

Checking out the presents

Tom likes popcorn

Lookin' good

These guys know their cuts of beef

Paul, on the left, is Keith's able helper and a Corvette owner!  Bartender Erick

Many tables with happy people

NOW Rick looks happy with his haul

Pete & Ann

Mikey & Patty

Dee & Jim

Ken's gonna enjoy his margies

Fat's Gift certificate for Mike

Judi and Marty

Daryl volunteered his DJ time for us - MANY THANKS DARYL

Daryl sang to his favorite girl

It was a very sweet moment

Susan & Jon

Ann & Pete

Bill & Carol - they can dance!

Jack & Jane

Tom & Carole

Better shot of Jane

If poses if they weren't dancing

Eileen & Richard are another good dancing couple

Ladies always end up dancing together

As in here too

I guess they just like dancing better than some guys

Glenn & Mary Lou, with Kathy in the foreground

Couples enjoying the party

Pat & Les

Judi & Jim

Carole & Tom

Susan & John, Richard & Eileen, Stan right background

Stan & Jane

Pete & Ann

You know the names by now if you've been paying attention to my captions!

Daryl can belt out a song.  Trademark is Louie-Louie