Cache Creek Bingo

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Cache Creek Bingo Run
March 17th, 2009 - St. Pat's Day
Hosted by Joanne & Steve Marsullo
Steve claims he has never hosted a run before - he and Joanne put on a fantastic run!

John the Leprechaun

A gathering of Corvettes

Everybody is awake and perky

A school band was unloading too

Mermosa is being served

Orange looks good

So does double-yellow

It's red

Think Blue

On Highway 16 closing in on the casino

Is there a blower under that high-rise hood?

Headlights on for safety, they say...

Thanks for the Murmosa, Joanne

Mary has her back to three happy guys

Hi Ron, Hi Vicky, Hi Joanne

These folks are ready to hit the casino

Marsullo's black, Quaresma's orange, Gray's Monterey Red

Same three from the back

Poised for a quick getaway!

Hitchin' 'em up

On the way - nice (and becoming very rare) C3

The OTHER end of the line we formed in the garage

Hey Dana!

8 of the 15 cars on the run

Looks like all the cars lined up here

We had plenty of room to ourselves

The Group

Our final gathering before heading home via different routes on Highway 20 near I-5

He's got a navigation system and still uses paper maps!

Photos by Darla Quaresma, George Goolsby/Barbara Rodgers, and Dana & Anne Jones