Show'N Shine & Fly-In

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Show N' Shine & Fly-In, Cameron Park Airpark
13, 2012
Event Host John & Susan Cook
Photos by John Reese
and Lesley Gunter - Thanks John and Lesley!

Mary, Kathy, George, Bob having a good time relaxin'  a Lesley G photo

CPCC Member's Corvettes

Lesley's Black Beauty

Dave & Marilyn's '08 Coupe

Tom's '79

Rob's '70

The other side of Rob's C3

Pete's '69 after 42 years of ownership - as of August 6, 2012

Ken & Sandra's '00 Pewter Coupe

John & Susan's '06 Convertible

George's Yellow Mochine - '06

John & Darla's '05 Daytona Orange Coupe - sweet!

Mary likes her Cameron Park Corvettes blankie - it was a bit cool in the am

Bob & Mary's '06 Coupe in Raider silver & black - Mary's reflection on the left

Dennis & Marty's '04 Commemorative Edition

Da Prez's '05 Convertible with a big huffer on top

Other stuff

Ponderosa High Marching Band - makes you feel good watching and listening

Here they stop to play a piece

Airplanes - the other half of the show

WWII era AT-6 trainer

Nine cylinder 1430 cubic inch power plant - 600 take-off HP

Another North American AT-6

Polished propeller, spinner, and engine cowl look great - not WWII features

The AT-6 was an advanced trainer to ready pilots for combat aircraft

"Deuce of Hearts" like all AT-6 trainers has tandem seating for pilot and student

Later we saw this scene as the AT-6s over flew the airport - most inspiring to see

A cool fly-by shot with our cars in the foreground - a Lesley G photo

We had music too

The back half of a '59 Caddy is now a trailer for this musician - like all the others he was good, and played on the move

Another band - also quite good